Important thing about life story book in english

Important thing about life story book in english

Important thing about life story book in english, But do you know that the habit has become very bad, if it does not change quickly, then we may have to repent both in life and both of them but your attention is not this anymore, why do not you understand if you do not understand it I can think of some way, it has got worse, today it has come to fight with someone and that people came to us because of which I also had to listen to it.

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Important thing about life story book in english

It is not good. It must be explained to us that it is gradually getting bigger and it is causing the problem, while growing up, responsibilities are also very important but there is no responsibility in front of it, due to which it also disturbs us Will he lose his own goal in life? Husband asked what it was fighting with

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Then the wife has told that I had reached the house and some people were standing here, it was hiding inside because it was scared that those people would be beaten by it, it was beaten by a boy who had his house here. I have come and told me about it when I listened to this and got very angry and I thought that now it will have to be reformed, hence nothing has been given to eat from today and you too have nothing about it You will say that if you praise it more then it will get spoiled and you will never be able to improve yourself.

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You should think about this, so today I have not given up food when she is hungry, then it will know that you have to make repeated mistakes If you have to think about it then it will be absurd or else it will repent for a lifetime and will give us great sorrow. Dad goes to his son and says that you should not do this. You should understand that this should not be beaten. You should understand that if you do this then you fall for ever in the eyes of other people, while this should not be done so that others feel bad to you, I do not want to Nobody comes here and you feel bad because you must bring improvement inside yourself.

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If you do this then you will be able to do good in your life, listening to your father’s son, falls into a little thinking and thinks that perhaps he has done a great mistake, he tears in his eyes and says that after today I will not do that, after that the father feels that there is a change in the son that he is understanding his responsibilities, only then father says that by explaining to me, you have understood that matter is understandable It has come, but always remember that there is no such thing in life that no one should have trouble and you have to face it. After that, the mother says that I do not think there is any improvement inside whom I am So it seems that still making things and after that it will start doing the same again for which I have refused, the boy says that after today I will not do it, believe me Can you

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Dad said that now it is understood that now it is not necessary to scold him. After that, Dad said, bring it for food, it will be hungry and it will not do anything like this from now that the boy understood the problem. That he would not do any such work in life that his parents always had to bow down, he knew that he had made a big mistake, he wants to correct that mistake, then Dad asks Why did I beat him? Can you please tell me that the boy said that he was troubling a small bird, I refused that should not be disturbed but he did not believe because I had to beat him It is wrong to bother the little bird that he was not able to fly, maybe he was hurt but he was repeatedly harassing him so that he got angry and I beat him The after that I arrived home and followed her parents came to the parents both knew that what had happened was not the fault of the boy

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But even though the boy had to listen to it all this was done to protect the little bird and due to which the boy had heard a lot, Dad said that if you felt that he was not accepting it, then you should You should have said but you had beaten him, because of which a lot went wrong. You should not have done all this because it did not reduce the problem but it was too much work. Hut was his fault as it was not good, but a fight was not necessary, that you had made a mistake now to keep in mind is very important to do further

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Whatever the reason, but the solution is not the fight, the boy understood that he had not done anything in the future. Important thing about life story book in english, If you liked this story then you can share it even further.

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