Best stories related to god

Best stories related to god

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Best stories related to god

Best stories related to god, Once a man got upset with his problems and started thinking that if I get God, then I will ask him why I have given such problems to which I can not get out. The man fell ill and the disease was very upset. 


And all the people from that house also got upset because the person who was very ill got the same person and was thinking that if God finds me, then I will definitely ask why he has put me in this problem.


The man was not able to recover from his illness, he treated a lot, but the problem remained the same, and in this way a sadhu Maharaj came to his village, then the person began to think that he will solve his problem only with Sage Maharaj.

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And in this way he went to Sadhu Maharaj in the condition of illness and said that the sadhu Maharaj should tell such a remedy that my illness is cured and the sadhu Maharaj saw him and said that there is no problem with you, that there is only one problem

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If you believe in God then all your problems will come to an end then that person said that I have to meet God because I will ask him why my problem has increased so why can not I get out of these problems

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On this Sadhu Maharaj said that if you believe in God, then this problem is nothing, then you will leave it comfortably, accepting the advice of Sadhu Maharaj, he went home and gradually his faith grew on God and so much Went that

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best stories related to god, God’s devotion was always in Leela and used to sing the virtues of God and gradually his illness got cured and he has no complaints with God now God is with us and he always lives with us, but we God seeks out but God dwells in all.

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