Our thinking short stories in english 2019

Our thinking short stories in english 2019

Our thinking short stories in english 2019, There was a boy in a city whose no one else did not pay attention, it was not that he was not good that he was very good but today’s world only seeks to find fault in everyone, because the child with his brain He was weak, he used to read and then forgot, but he used to try, but nothing happens,

Our thinking short stories in english 2019

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Our thinking short stories in english 2019

His family thought that it would be successful if it is successful, otherwise nothing will happen. We have tried a lot but it has not been alright. Both were sad at home, the boy knew this thing but his There was no shortage of effort, but what to do when nothing was happening, All the boys in his class were present at that because he was stupid in their eyes, but should never talk like this, because it does not know when this time it is time for everyone, time is very big All the people next to him are small, that boy always used to go in the evening to roam, only then he would see that world,


Which is moving faster than it, the fast moving world was getting out of his hands, it was good and true from the heart but only one shortage which troubled her, she could not become weak, so she wanted to beat her, she He used to think that this could happen, or not, but it was his continuous effort, One day, when he went to market with his father, he saw that an old woman was going out on the road, only when someone hit him,

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the old woman had fallen, and all the people were watching it happen from a distance, but no one He was also not trying to come forward, the boy ran away to him and lifted him, that old lady did not hurt much, that boy did that work, who did not live in our world, Because this world is very The sensible person thinks only about himself, but there is someone who thinks of everyone, maybe he is the best person who does not understand any work, all the work comes, so change your thinking,

The truth of life short stories in english

A man was heading towards his village and due to the sunlight being very fast, he was feeling tired, the sun’s rays were spreading around, due to which the heat was getting too much, that man thought that before I could take a little rest I did not go ahead in such a fast sun nor was it possible, So seeing from a distance looking for a tree, he felt like there is a tree on which there is a lot of shadow, he went under the same tree and sat down and removed the stuff he had brought for his food. He started eating, when he ate food, he was feeling thirsty


He did not have any means for water. He was looking around, but the water was not seen anywhere. Then he saw a well at some distance when he went to the well and saw that there is little water in the well. This means that the water of the well is not clean, it is not potable, it goes back under the same tree and starts waiting till the sun gets a little light

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When the sunlight was light then it started moving forward. He found a man on the road and asked him if you have some water. I am feeling very thirsty that man said that I have water but there is nothing to eat Do you have If there is something to eat then give it to me. He gave it water and another person gave me food. After that both of the people went on their own path, but the man was thinking that if I do not get that man then my thirst increases very much, due to which I started having difficulties, therefore always help in life should help. May be happy in someone’s life.


Importance of things short stories in english

Seth Sethani always used to complain with Seth that I have a lot of trouble in working, so you should arrange for a servant who will also do the work of our home and at the time when we will be free, our service will also be done. There is no need but Sethani was not ready to accept this fact at all


Seth was a very good man. He did not want to keep any servant with him because he knew that the person should do his own work, but Seth was upset with Sethani’s everyday words and he was disturbed by his friend Here I went to meet Seth, please give me a servant who can do the work of our house. His friend said that I will do your work in 2 days. I have to go out of work now. State work will of course


Seth told this story to Sethani and Sethani was happy because now one person is going to come to work for him. Now he does not have to worry much. Seth’s friend came to his house and brought a servant with him. His friend said that this servant does a lot of work, but inside it is the specialty that it does not shake the talk of others from here and it is a very good man but there is a lack in it which is You tell me


It sleeps for a long time. It is very much used to sleep. Seth said that you should not worry about this, it should be done and Seth kept that servant in his house the next morning when the servant started sleeping When Sethani came to him and said that till now you have not even made our tea, and you have come here to work here or you have come to sleep but there was no effect of this matter on the servant. Sethani went to Seth and To say It seems that the servant is still sleeping, if it continues, our job will start from when and when will it end


Seth said that I know this because my friend told me this thing that he sleeps for a long time and we have not got any other servant so that’s why you have to work from this 1 day has passed 2 days passed But Sethani did not understand anything, he used to sleep for a long time. Sethani told Seth that if he does not improve his habit, then he is going to have a lot of trouble. Seth said that I am fine. But you should also improve yourself

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We should not be dependent on anyone, Seth went to him and started saying that the owner got up in the morning. You are sleeping for a long time. If you get up then I will do all your work when the servant opens his eyes, then Seth The person who was found in front of him and he became very worried about the servant, the servant himself had said so many words that I have come to work here and I have not come to sleep because he has improved his habit And took and he can be every day early arisen over many things impact our things, but we must use it at the right time.

Positive thinking short stories in english

There was a man living in a village, who could cure any disease easily, this thing is too old, the people of that village knew this, so whenever everyone else was sick, he would go to him and We used to treat ourselves, one day someone came to that man and said, ‘Come with me,


I have come from the nearby village, and you need a lot, if you go with me then you will be very gracious, the man had walked with the man when he reached another village, he saw that a man on the very sick He had come to get treatment for the same person that the man saw him and asked how many days he was ill, that man said that it has been a lot of days, The man coded him some food and after some time he started to recover, we can say that he was the life of the man who could cure anyone, now he said that I should walk that man in his house When he started walking from the village, he used to be a Vaidya in that village, he said that if this happens then our shop will be closed,


Therefore, he had made a plan, so that we would capture the man and capture him and no one would know this, when the man was going to his house, only then he took some men and locked them in a room. After a few days, the people of that village started thinking that the man has not come yet, a few days ago a man had come to take it along with him, Some of them went to see that they have not come home yet, when they arrived in that village, they met the man, they said that they had only walked from here, they would have stayed for a while, It was not even understood, on the other hand, the man was praying with God, I made such a mistake that you have imprisoned me here,

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After a while, the doors of that room were opened automatically, and the man came out, after that he did not say anything to anybody and went back to his village, when he saw everyone in the village, Came near and began to ask that you had said so many days, That man had just said that it was my karma which did not come in for some days, because of this, you can not tell anything in the bigger way, the deeds done to us put us in difficulties, and we say to God That is happening to me, so do your karma well, then everything will be good.

True way of life short stories in english

Once a sir went to a village for the first time, when his train went to the station, he dropped out of his compartment and started looking for someone, he brought very well with him, he saw a tangle on some distance He had given up, he went to him and asked him to go to the village, The person who said that he would leave you there but for that you have to give ten rupees, Sir said that it is too much. I feel that the village is not far away, in this, it will be better if I go on foot. Sir walked on foot, but he did not know the path of the village, the sun was getting very fast, no one was also seen in the pass,


Four roads came in front of him and he started thinking that I should go on which road, he was not visible to anyone, he made his own decision and walked, when he reached a distance, He was coming, he stopped him and asked if you can tell that this village is said, he said that come have come wrong, This village is on the other side, you were walking on the wrong path, Sir was very disturbed, and was thinking that if he went with the same person, then how good would be if we decided or even If we do not know the path that is not known then we have a lot of trouble, so think of thinking before thinking of any path in life before going on a new path. This story teaches us that if we have to start any work in life, then first gather many information about it and then think of doing that work because if you do anything without thinking it will always be in trouble. So you should always go ahead and consider it.

Motivational short stories in english

In a city there was a king’s kingdom; the king was very good; he complied with all the complaints he had fully solved, the king’s decisions were very thoughtful, therefore the king was considered a very good king of the inhabitants of all the cities, but A man who was not happy with the king, used to go to the forest every day and bring fruits and vegetables for him, and he used to live by selling them,


He was coming with some fruit in his car, when the king was riding in front of the front, the soldier said that the king’s rides are coming out of the road. When the king’s ride is gone, then you also carry your vehicle. But to hear that was to listen, that man had become ready to fight that soldier, that man told the soldier that if your king is to go, he can go through some other way,


I can not remove my car from here, if the king has to go from here, then go away or there is no need to disturb me if there is any other way, only then the king also came there and said, ‘What is the matter, this man is so angry Why the soldier told the whole thing to the king and the king said that it is okay we go from the other road but why are you angry, The man said that he is in such a difficult situation and our people say that everything is going well in the forest everyday in the forest and eat fruit and eat some fruits and sell it and sometimes I have to eat raw fruits, Life is passing through a lot of difficulty, you can not do anything for me, the king said that we can overcome all the problems, then that man said that I should give you a job too

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Raja said that a while ago you were not even talking, you were annoying again, our anger which happens, it can spoil everything. If our behavior is not good then all people will not like us. If you say this comfortably then you do not listen to me, but still I listened to you, The man had been repenting on his mistake, but even then the king gave him the job of the gardener here. The King was public that he is very angry, so when he serves the flowers, his anger will also be cured, He will also be in love with the body, and his life will also change, if we also do any good work then it may be that some life will survive,

Who is great short stories in english

A halwa seller used to come in a village, he used to make a very nice pudding from his house, whenever he used to come to the village, all the children used to run him and run, because the kids used to like pudding very much, In the same village an old woman lived with her grandson,


The old lady did not have anything, she went to every house in the village and used to do some work, after that she used to meet her for some food, so that she could manage, today her grandson was hungry The reason was crying, today the old lady could not go to her daily work, the old woman was sick, so she was not being lifted from today, The halva was passing by the same person, then the boy ran away and ate a little pudding from the halwa and went inside the house; the halva thought that he had not given anything, that was such a time that if anyone Even if he had no money, he could also give grain or rice from home, but the boy did not give anything,


When the halva went inside, he saw an old woman lying in the house, the halva man asked if your health is bad, the old Amma quote is not being lifted from me today, Halwadwh thought that the condition is bad and nobody asks You do not have to be alone, you stay here alone, he said that my grandchildren live on this, Today my health is poor and my grandson is hungry too, the halva thought that if we do not help even if we are human, then we are not human, he went in and he went into the kitchen and made some by feeding the old woman and going to the village He also came with medicine, all this was looking old, because no man does so much,

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He had given food to his grandson, he had come from another village, he used to say to old Amma that if you wish, you can stay on it tonight, old Amma said that I will be resting till evening, You do not have to worry, you have done a lot for us, the halva had gone to his house, The next day, the old lady came to visit Amma and asked for her health, the halwa has moved her grandson and told the old Amma that if she is still in control then I will work in it, the wisdom Amma was seeing her boy in it, In this way, he used to come every day to visit Amma and used to feed pudding to his grandson, If you liked this seven short story, then share it.

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