Best inspirational short stories may june 2019

Best inspirational short stories may june 2019

Best inspirational short stories may june 2019, A man lived in a cottage, he was living his life very difficult, there was a lot of trouble in front of him, but he was passing through all his troubles and running his job, the man lived alone in the cottage,

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Best inspirational short stories may june 2019

The distance of the village was much higher than that, he rarely used to go to the village, whenever every man used to go to the village, all the people were ready to help him, Because everybody knew that the person’s habit is very good, whenever he used to talk, everyone would have been very happy, because of this he was very happy that the man used to think that in this happiness Man can come to work for one another, but he was alone, he even knew this, because loneliness did not turn away from him, if he lived with someone, he could tell his words, but stay alone Because of that Could not speak Minister, which made him a lot of trouble,


He felt that life is full of troubles, peace can not be found in it, if we pay attention to our work, then we have to face the troubles, and after which we go ahead, one day the man The king was working here only when the king came to him, the king does not know who this man is, he sees that no village is found around it, the village is very far from it, but this man Ela here is how the king would go to the man,


But the man does not recognize the king, because the king had changed his costume, because of which he could not know that this is the king, the king says that I am thirsty, do you have water, man tells the king that You sit down, I bring water for you, after some time it brings water and gives it to the king, the king asks that you live here alone, the man says that I have been here for a long time staying, King says that will happen if you are having problems due to living alone she felt the man say that I know that have difficulty in staying here,


But no one can live with me, I know this thing too, so do not think about it, Raja says that I have hunger also, do you have something to eat, the man says that you are mine Sit down in the cottage, I bring something for you to eat, he goes to take food for the king, after which the food belongs to the king and the king is happy to eat, and think that man is very good is Who is serving me while I do not even know, Raja asked that you do not even know me, still doing so much for me,


How can you do that, the man began to say that whatever comes to us, we should serve him, by serving him our life becomes good, Raja’s thoughts were very good, Raja walked away from there But after some time send a soldier to that man, and to call him, the soldier comes to the man and says that the king is calling you, the man is scared that King me I do not know why you’re calling,


But the soldier said so it was very important to walk with them, that man goes to the palace with the soldiers, when the man meets the king, then the king says that you have served me a lot, so in return I will give you I want to give something, that man says that I did not even meet you, how can I serve you, after that the king says that yesterday I came to you, and you used to give me water, and after that It was also, is that man think that he is the king gives a place for the then King to him, and keeps him in his palace

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Because he knows that the person’s idea is very good, he thinks very well about others, the person who always thinks about others can do something in life, after that the man says that I am here to you You are giving place, it means you have got very good thoughts towards me, I also feel that our king is very good, because his views are very good, who help others Who instead want to give them something, so good man anywhere, not even the King also takes care of his people and caters to all the needs,

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Who helps everyone, is called the real king, after that I stayed with the king, and in the service of the king, the King also felt good to keep that man, because the man was fulfilling all his needs The king used to talk about his words, whenever he used to speak, the king used to talk to him, with his good thought, he came very close to the king. The King used to talk to him everyday, the life of that man changed went, Best inspirational short stories may june 2019, If you liked this story you can also share it.

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