Best short stories with moral june 2019

Best short stories with moral june 2019

Best short stories with moral june 2019, Everyone was coming back home, but in his mind it was the question, whatever we thought it was very good today, because today we are coming back from marriage, this marriage was very good,

Best short stories with moral june 2019

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Best short stories with moral june 2019

we all liked very well If that is how our daughter also gets married then it will be very good, because we also want that our daughter also gets married at a very good place, but for that we have to think, we will have to search for that family, which is very much Only good Is good;


Then there will be a marriage on this, the wife says that when the time comes, everything will be done, thinking about everything will be beneficial now, she is still studying, her studies will be completed next year, only then will we be able to think, When he was going home going home, he had reached the house, the boy had opened the door, both the parents had come in. The sister was studying inside, she was worried about the daughter, but what the boy is doing to him. Also have to think, but About he was not thinking anything,


The next morning, the father told his son that you too should be improved to some extent, because your sister has passed a number of good numbers and you have passed on the shore, do not you think that you should do something good, All people will respect you too, but you do not even make a difference because you do not want to improve, after that the boy goes to his college as he does nothing He does not want to hear, but he should think because he has grown up now but does not matter,


He feels that it is a waste of time, he remembers what he tries, after that he does not understand anything when he comes home, then it is asked that what you have done today, He gets disturbed by answering all his questions because he does not want to be asked the same thing every day but no one listens. Today’s question is what do you have to do in life, what you have to become,


But it does not have any answer as she herself does not know what she is going to be. She has not even thought when she replies, then Dad becomes very angry because when you do not know what to become, why you are reading Yes, because you do not understand anything, you do not have to become anything. Now do it, it will be good to learn some work from tomorrow, otherwise you will see trouble all the time. Knowledge becomes and went to sleep he could not still some


After some time her sister comes, she says, why do you get bothered, father does such things, but the boy says that why this talk is everyday, I have a lot of trouble with it, everybody It is not good to say the same thing everyday, so I think that all this is said to disturb me, but sister says that it is not that she wants that you become something, but you do not have anything Do not think Micro,


The boy says that you do not know that I have a lot of difficulty in reading, I can not do anything, every time I read, I do not remember what I can do, I think in my life I do not know where the sister is going, then sister says that if you want you can change your life, everything is in your hand, we can do whatever we want, if we want to become something then we can become, Everything our desire It is on power, we can do a lot more than that, you have to think,


All these words were affecting his mind. After some time he sleeps, but when he is in the morning, his life does not seem to be anything but he feels that life can be different, if we want anything can happen. It is right to tell, I will definitely show off by changing from today, maybe this change will come to me, he had started to remove all his weaknesses, so that his time was getting worse, he had stopped the final excellence.He was preparing for the whole


When he gave his exemption, he felt that he had done well today and in the same way he had given all exemptions well when his results were coming. Dad said that now the studies will be completed and the result will come as well. So thinking about this will not be of any benefit but when the result came, it was very good that he probably gave a good excerpt, which nobody expected, he did even better Security

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We can do whatever we want but we have to think we have to make preparations about it, then going to go is a good thing, if you are thinking about any work then start paying more attention to it now. Your life may change. Best short stories with moral june 2019, If you liked this story, you must share it,

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