Do not forget help motivational short stories

Do not forget help motivational short stories

Do not forget help motivational short stories, When you came to our house, then at that time I was not at home, so I did not meet you, you had come to meet me, but I was not at home, so today I have come here to meet you, that The talk of the day had left us incomplete, I feel that perhaps you might have come to fulfill that point,

Do not forget help motivational short stories

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Do not forget help motivational short stories

I was not at home, the man began to say that you are okay, I came to fulfill the matter of that day, but you were not at home at the time, so I did not stay long enough, only after that I returned I had come back to the house shortly after you came and the wife said that you had come, so I thought that your work would be very important, so I came to meet you, now you Can you tell me to meet Came Yon,


The man says that I need a lot of money, I came to talk to you for this reason, but you were not at home and your wife told me that you have gone out for a while, so I thought When you come, then you will talk, I remember that you are asking for money, because you are getting the need for your son, you had told that he is studying in the city, for which you need money is In the man began to say that you know everything, so I do not even need to tell,


My good circumstances are not running, due to which I am unable to do anything, I was feeling that this time I will be able to do something, but I suddenly lacked money, due to which I will not send money to him. I am able to know that if he does not send money in the city then he can stop his studies, he is preparing for a long time and I would not like his studies to stop in the middle, and we Her future If turn bad, that’s why I came to you.


After that the man says that, you do not need to worry, I will give you money, I know that your problem is very big, which is very important to be resolved, so you should not be disturbed, I am your trouble I will remove all the money you need, you can take me from me and you do not have to worry about it that I will take money from you soon, the man started saying that I had a lot of expectation from you and asked me to Received that you can complete lack of funding,


A few days later, the man gives him money and the other man goes to his son with money, so that his studies can continue, he knows that his son is working very hard, due to which he Always be disturbed, soon after completing his studies and we will feel very well, the time has passed, but he was not ready to refund the money, the time was gradually increased, but to refund his money Ayar was not when he still does not have that exactly is the money to come to ask the man says,

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The man says that I know that when you needed it, I had given money to you from time to time, but suddenly a problem has come to me, due to which I need a lot of money, He has to help, the man says that I do not have any money at all, so that I can help you, if I had, I would probably give it to you, that person would go back to his house and listen to it. Tells Tni that they do not have money, his wife says that you helped them,

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But even then he is not ready to help you, you gave him money and many years passed, even though he is not ready to return it, I know that gradually human beings over time It changes, his thinking changes, it has changed, and taking time to return our money, no one will help anyone in this way, because if he helps, he will not even believe that Her item Never will be ready to pick up, then he’s the man to arrange the money on someone else’s place, so that he could remove his trouble, but the man did not help him at all,

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While he had helped them when needed, we should always keep in mind that when someone helps us, then he must definitely help. If this does not happen then we lose his trust from him, but some people Forget about this thing, he does not think that if he did not take help of anybody, he could have been very bad with them, whatever needs to be done when needed, should always help him, because one day he Sector had help, if it is a mistake, perhaps then no one will help, Do not forget help motivational short stories, if to you must share it liked this story.

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