Fate changed short stories in english june 2019

Fate changed short stories in english june 2019

Fate changed short stories in english june 2019, I had no news at all about that my fate would suddenly change and everything that was going on in life would come in front of the disintegration, while it was not necessary that everything was going well so much in the family.

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Fate changed short stories in english june 2019

All the happiness was that I was living my life with all the happiness, but now I am not able to do anything with my little baby now how will I extend my life. Being worried by thinking about the sudden loss of the husband’s sudden loss of weight, the burden of all work has come to me. Now it is not possible to go out of the house. His health is no longer such that he is very much in life Got more work done

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Now they need to rest but the problems in front of me were not low to take care of the little child care about them, serving their husbands along with them all, and looking for some work was not less than this challenge in front of me. I did not think that this problem would come before me, but when troubles have come, how can I get rid of it? Now I have to face it as long as I have trouble I will not be able to cope with this and I do not even know when I will get relief

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He used to go out everyday in search of work. After all he got work for 1 day. He had got the job at a clothes shop. He could do the job of stitching there, he could not get better money, but he The family could have spent the money in front of him now it was not a problem that he had no work when he got the job, then he had been happy in his life, it seemed that maybe now I can do something A. As long as I have had no work was going through my life troubles may now I’ll feel better when the house has got her husband began to say things I do not need to worry

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When the husband listened to this, he started saying that I did not like that you go out of the house and work but our compulsion has come to such a place that now you have to go out and work and I also have some We could not know that there will be a sudden change in our lives and this change will leave us only after creating a problem. Her husband was also unhappy but I could not do anything she could do so much He had become ill now that no one could work anymore, he could only rest but he knew that now the trouble will not be less of my family, gradually it will continue to grow

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Her husband was thinking that if I was fine, how good it would be if we were to think that due to which we have to think today my family would be very good but now what can I do nothing, now it can not do anything Life is getting confused. It does not understand anything from where to be done. I can not do anything. My mind is always unhappy about this thing that I will not be able to do anything now After a while the wife came and said that there is no need to think about it as much as you think you will get sick, so you should not do this

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But the husband says that apart from thinking now, I have not had anything anymore. I can think I can not do anything more than seeing your problem, I also get disturbed by what I feel I am stuck in. The wife told that you do not need to worry. I got the job. I got the job of stitching at a shop. She will come to our house, do not worry and maybe something good in life too. We should also expect this to happen. Nothing has been done except hope. In life, it seems like it can only be done with hope, because the problems will not take place.

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After a while, his boy arrives, he starts talking to both boys and when he laughs, perhaps his expectations also appear in him and leave him thinking that both of them know that the trouble is going to last long But the moment spent with his son probably does not return to him again, so he focuses on his son and plays with him. He knows that life is full of troubles.

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Some problems come to life which you can not forget but you can gradually eliminate those problems. By making small steps, you can make your life good. Even small pleasures can fill your life. Problems in life You should also be looking for the right path after that you can gradually reduce the problem of life, so do not panic ever, always ready to face trouble. Fate changed short stories in english june 2019, If you liked this story then you can share it even further.

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