Moral stories for students may june 2019

moral stories for students may june 2019

moral stories for students may june 2019, He had come to me, he told me a thing, he was not sure when he first heard it, but when he told this thing, he was convinced, yesterday it was, both of us were going by the way,

moral stories for students may june 2019

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moral stories for students may june 2019

Then he saw a man sitting on the road, he had some stuff, maybe he was selling it, I also felt that he was getting sad, because his stuff was not sold, a man with him It comes, he sees his stuff, But he does not take his stuff, the reason was that he was feeling very expensive, only then that man says that you are selling very expensive stuff, no one will take this stuff, the man tells you that you It seems that this stuff is very expensive, but it is not so, it takes a lot of time to make this stuff, this is the reason that it seems expensive, that man goes, but he does not take that stuff, he Gets frustrated had not sold anything,


They both go to that guy, ask him why your goods are not sold, he tells that everyone is looking for the price of the goods, but no one sees our hard work, we can make it Giving full time, sometimes it happens, that we also work at night, then this stuff is ready, but no one understands this, how much our hard work is, everyone is cheap needed, You can tell me what I can do, if I give my luggage cheaply, I will not sell anything, my hard work will be useless, I can not do anything in this way, my destiny is bad I am not working because I am not able to understand anything, what can I come in, someone should tell me the remedy, after hearing about her, we did not understand anything, we were feeling that How do we help her Spun, but he was seeking help from us,


He said that you live in the city, you know how to take this work forward, help me, maybe it would be good for me, we could not understand anything, because how we help her We can not know about this, but he was asking for help from us, only then we had some idea that his work could come, but for this we should have a little time now, so we have Had asked for time till yesterday, that Areas to say help me soon, we could use your try, The next day he met his elder brother, told him everything, from which he began to say that I had to go to him, have to talk about it, then I can do something, because his elder brother does painting work Was there. Perhaps he knew someone, could give the value of good pictures, he went to him the next day and said that your work will be done, you should not worry, we have talked, now you will not have any problems That man says, that you helped me, so I’m feeling good


After that he was filled up, he saw that this picture has become very good, he said that he will not give any price here, all of them are worth more, so you have to bring all this stuff to us, because only then Their price will be good for you, they bring all their pictures in front of them, after a few days they start going to a good price, the price that the man used to have seemed too much to him, because And no one at that place did not take them, But the upper price was very good here, the man had started working for his big fare, he was also saving good money, he was doing his earnings too much, he could not even think in the dream, The price of his baggage may be very high, he was earning his best every day, which saved him a lot of money, he could never have saved so much money, all this happened because of both of them ,


If he did not come to me and if he did not come, then he could never get a chance, so that he could ask for wealth, now he had come to understand that hard work is necessary but hard work should be done in the right direction It is good if we work hard, it succeeds, but the right direction is very important for the hard work, because the right direction can take us forward, the place from where it worked was of no avail. Was happening, but like Changing the place had begun to be of good profit,


He goes to his village, but this time he had a lot of money, he was always worried at first, but this time he was feeling happy, he had earned a lot of money, which he could not even imagine When he went home, all the people were very happy to see him, he felt that he has come very hard today, which has reduced his problems, so make excuse, it is very necessary, we get the right direction. Moral stories for students may june 2019, If you liked this story, you can also share it.

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