Problem increased inspiring short stories 2019

Problem increased inspiring short stories 2019

Problem increased inspiring short stories, All the people gathered and came to the priest and said that our problem has increased very much. We can not understand anything, tell us such a remedy.

Problem increased inspiring short stories

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Problem increased inspiring short stories 2019

In order to overcome our problems, the priest said that what kind of problems can be said to me that all the people said that the problems of the house, if all of us started to tell you our problem, from morning to evening, but all of you Can not tell the solution, so we want you to do something for us so that our problems will gradually end, the priest said that it is okay to listen to your problems. Security would be able to tell after that that could be the remedy


All the people talked about each other and said that we do not talk to the priest about those problems of the house, but we all have the same problem. We all think about that only when everyone said that we only prevent the problem from you. We want our crops to always be good, so you tell us some such measures, the priest said, what kind of problem is it can tell me a little bit, then tell me I can take action about that


Only then all the people said that there has been no rain for a long time. We want you to take such a step that the rain will come in our fields, said the priest. It is on God’s wish that rain will come to your fields only when all Said that you live near God, you always live in the temple, you always live with them, so he can surely accept your message. We are tired of making a request, perhaps God will bless us Page can not hear the priest said I’d try that if God said all if you assume your point would be good enough so that you can tell us something to measure that which we do


Then the priest said that there is no need to do this. I will do this work for you but it will take so much money in it that all the people have said that do not worry about money if you can do so we will be very happy that the priest thought This man is all my reckoning, so we should earn money from this. He started saying that okay tomorrow, tomorrow I will tell you about the expenditure coming in it. All the people said that it is okay We will come tomorrow, let us tell you how much it will cost, all the people go from there

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Everybody comes back from the temple and talks about that priest can do a great job for us, then a man says that I do not think that the priest can do anything like this, all look at him and say that you So always do the same things that have negative impact on us, the man began to say that this is done by God’s will, it can not be worshiped that it can rain with your will. I do not think that what he is saying is true. Everyone says that you should do your work. You should not pay attention to it at all. Man goes there because he knows that nothing like this can happen

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The next day, all the people come to the priest and say that you called us today. You can tell us how long it will take, and how much of our expenditure will come, the priest said, sit down, tell you all the people sit And the priests tell them the expense so that all the people go to the square after listening and say that there is a lot of expenditure in it, then the priest said that I had a lot of stuff That is why this cost is very high, this money will have to be given to all, so you do not need to worry. If you mix it a little bit then if it happens for one, I think that maybe it is too much

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All the villages were simple, he accepted his talk and gave him the money as much as he needed, even after the rain was not coming, all the people came and told the priest that we are not feeling that it will rain because you It was said that rain will start within 1 week but a week is complete. The rains have not been done. The priest said that I feel that God has become angry because of this And the time will be taken that the priest said that I tell another solution to please God, the villagers said that how much will it cost, the priest said that you will spend only a little bit in it, all the people gave the expense even when the person was coming back with the expense, the man meets and says that you are not understanding that the priest can not do anything like that all is done by God’s will.

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The village had given money to the priest but even then the rain was not coming, the man comes and then says that nothing is going to happen to you, and all the people are listening to him and thinking about it because they feel It was then that it should have been rains after all the expenditure they had made, but after the rain is not happening at all, after all people do not go to the priest, they understand that the priest He is fooling after that, the man comes and says that we have to work with our own thinking. If our thinking is good then we will be able to do good. You people come in the talk of others and take a wrong decision, due to which you have trouble You have to face it, Problem increased inspiring short stories 2019, if you like this story then you can share it even further.

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