Some guests short stories in english june 2019

Some guests short stories in english june 2019

Some guests short stories in english june 2019, Our guests have not come yet, they were just waiting for them. Some time after coming to our house all the people knew this thing, I do not know why they have not arrived so far. From home he had gone out of time, but I do not know why he is looking for a lot of time.

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Some guests short stories in english june 2019

You should do this by visiting the station that he has reached the station, after that his husband goes to the station to see that his Guests will be at the station because they are coming here for the first time. They may not know the way that they are waiting for us at the station, after some time they reach the station and It seems that you might have come here but after waiting for a long time, he is still not seen. This means why he has not reached yet. He should be reached till now evening and he is here long enough Had to come but why not

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It’s not going to be known at all. It was sitting at the station. He was too late. Now the night is going to happen. I do not think he will come. This man goes towards his house when he gets home. The guests are at their house How can it be that they have reached here and I don’t even know all the guests had come and he was asking me where we are, we have been here for a long time To He also says that I went to the station to see you but you were not seen

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He said that when we reached a station like us, we got a rickshaw. We explained to him the full address. Then he said that I will leave you well. This meant that the rickshaw driver knows you well, then I understand. That this will be the same rickshaw driver who came to our house, our house knows that the whole thing is understood by the man that how this guest has reached here and his left People start to talk you came here those many years later

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I do not think that you should have come recently, everyone said that this is correct, it was a long time since we came out of the village and we met you too many years passed, so thought that you should come to meet the guests Said that summer is getting so much that we should go to sleep on the terrace because there will be plenty of heat inside the house. This city is very hot in the city. The man said that he is okay for the roof. Let me sleep on you comfortably, both the guests went to sleep on the roof. At night, I had just heard that some voices were heard, he woke up and started to see whose voice

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After that there was no climb on the roof, they felt that maybe this would also have remained in the house, so it was coming here, then they said that who are you, who came to the roof, both the people did not know that they started saying You do not know who you are, but if you come to the roof, it will mean live on it. Then he said that yes, I am down here and I have come to roam the rooftop. Only then he said that he needed to roam in this. He is getting very hot and you should fall asleep. He said that I can not sleep. That is why I came for a walk on the terrace.

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Both men say that okay you take a stroll and let us sleep, we are sleeping because we have enough time to decide on the journey, after which both men go to sleep. And that third person starts to roam right there when he thinks that both of them have slept then he gently goes to them and tries to remove some of their clothes, they get some money. They may he tries to get down withdraws their money more slowly

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Then both of them are standing and catching it says that we were already suspecting that you are a stranger, that means you are a thief who came here to steal here, he starts scaring and says that leave me today After that I will not steal after that both of them say that now it will not even need to be done. You have to explain properly how much it is wrong to steal after that, they catch it and by the morning there So Su morning is only when you are sitting lead to the man who had thronged the venue and said that it came to steal that thief

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It also stole our money, then the man does it that you people are of very much work. No one was able to catch this thief. All the people were very upset with this thief, they came out stealthily, but today you People have caught it. It has done a great job. After that, they both are happy and they start resting on the same day, after which they turn the city and after some days they return to their village. They may have, After that the man says that this work has been very good that even a thief has caught him and he told us here that he is a very good man, that the family always lived happily in this way,

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