Boy’s responsibility very short stories 2019

Boy’s responsibility very short stories 2019

Boy’s responsibility very short stories 2019, It would have been nice to go to the morning in the morning, but some people do not believe this thing, but it is right if you go to the morning to go, you have a good health too, this is the time when we go to roam The first time was very good because it was time for our studies, now we have grown up

Boy’s responsibility very short stories 2019

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Boy’s responsibility very short stories 2019

That’s why responsibility has come and it does not get the same time as the time used to mix first, at the same time, when we went to visit some friends, we were playing together as we walked around, only then a man He also came to visit the same, he also brought his little child along, maybe he wanted to give him a habit of walking, we were engaged in our game,

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At that time the man was telling his child to race in that the child ran fast and ran away suddenly, falling asleep, he had a slight injury and he was not silent, because of the injury he suffered from him The pain was going on, our attention went to him, he was telling his child that you should not cry, you have to face every trouble if you keep crying like this, you will never be able to do anything,

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After some time the child was silent, perhaps his pain was getting low, sometimes it happens that the effect of the bat is very high and we forget everything in that effect, that man’s words are absolutely It was right, some people get very nervous over a little trouble, and they cannot  think anything, but should not do it, we should overcome our problem,

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One such story is missing, a boy lived in a small town, he never listened to anyone, but it was very wrong to do so, one day his father came home and made his son cry and from the room His son came and his father said that you should improve yourself, if such a thing continues, then your future will be like this,

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The boy used to hear this thing every day, but there was no effect on this, he did not like it, so he used to do his own duty, his father always kept worrying, one day he was walking in a park He was gone, and he had just sat down, the boy’s look had gone to an old man, The man was able to walk very hard, maybe there would be some problem in his foot, the old man looked at the boy and started thinking something, that the boy was helping the old man because he was not able to walk too late Upon sitting, his feet started to suffer, the boy asked him if you said that the old man replied that he is my home nearby, he came here every day and now he has grown old,

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The boy was taking that old man to the house, the old man said that you are so good and help everyone, the boy said that I am not so good in that, because everybody considers me bad, old man I think that this is like this, you should see the goodness inside you, in the old age and in the same way my grandson came in with me but he does not come, always refuses,While you are not like this you come here with me, you look good to me because you have supported me, now it may happen that you do not want to do any other thing or you do not want to do it, so you all are bad We will say that we can not be good at all the work, some of our work is good because of which we are known,

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Now look at my grandson everyday in her saying that she wants to roam with me but she makes every excuse every time, while in the know that she does all my work gives me that medicine and whenever my legs are too much He also hurts them, he suppresses them, he is good for me, but if I ask him to roam, he refuses, if we justify him for this, then it is not good,

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It may be because he does not like walking around, we can not say anything about what a person likes and what he wants to do, but one thing in all these things is that it is very important to have goodness inside us. After listening to that old man, he might have understood what he had to do, the boy came home leaving an old man and had started doing his necessary work which he had never done,

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The boy was reading now, he had found the way, he had understood what was needed for him and what would be his work, the thinking of a man changed the thinking of that boy, he started thinking well It was felt that he had started hand in the work of the house; it seemed that his life has changed, he was also happy to see his family members work because now that the boy had understood his responsibility, Boy’s responsibility very short stories 2019, If you want more similar stories, then you can write us in the comment box.

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