Girl’s marriage moral story in english 2019

Girl’s marriage moral story in english 2019

Girl’s marriage moral story in english 2019, You did not even tell what time you came, I was waiting for you but when I saw someone is on the door then I came to know that you came, I thought I needed to tell if I came to the door. Is not there.

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Girl’s marriage moral story in english 2019

So I knocked on the door and you opened the door, he had come in. It takes a lot of time to come from the office, so there was also exhaustion due to which he was not talking much then the wife said that a guest here You have to come to them also you should meet them only then who asks who are they whom I do not know, then guests are seen and seeing them, they understand that you are the one who is ours Lived close to home today because you came to here to you this is not just fall on you too many years had come here,

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Then the guest started saying that I had some work here and that is why I have come here to talk to you about anything else. They both sit down and start talking because after many years they came in their neighborhood. He used to stay here for the first time and he had come here for the first time, but he had a lot of time here to come. Now the office has also been here because of this reason he had left the place and came here. O They thought that I have come to meet you

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They told me that I had come to see a boy for my girl and she works in this city. That’s why I needed some help from you so that I could know something about her. I started to say that you can know whatever you want. Tell me where they work, I talk to them and I will tell you all the things you want to know about them, the guest said that I knew that you did my work I will never refuse, but he started saying, ‘What is the need to refuse it, we know that your daughter’s marriage and this decision are very important, while we all know that you are a very good man and all want it That he should know everything and start the next thing

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The guests told them everything that they work in and the place where they live, the man started saying that you will rest on this today and tomorrow I will know about it and after that you will be here You will know everything, the guest said that I will stay here for so many days and you will know what you will do here. I am sure you know everything very well and tell me they had some work. He wanted to go, but he was also worried about his daughter about which he was thinking too much

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That is why he told the man that after knowing all of you, the man said afterwards that you do not worry, I will know everything. You are absolutely sure that you do not have to worry, after that man will be there Goes to the place where he gave the address, he knows everything, after knowing everything, he comes to know that everything he is thinking about is fine when everything is fine. And then there was running, he just made the call and he said that you very much that you help me,

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The man began to say, there was no need to help it. You are saying it to help, while it is my job. You gave me a good job which I was very pleased to know about, after that the guest said that I know everything By the date of the marriage will tell you all the people will definitely come before I will definitely come to meet you because I am just saying that on the phone after that the man says that whenever you want Do not the will come on and you worry

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After some time the wife comes and says that you did a great job, gradually reduced all their troubles, and I felt that you might refuse them but you did not do it, maybe You feel that I refuse, but I know that we have lived in their neighborhood and that is a very good person. I can think of how I can refuse to do their work.

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A few days later the same guests come back and done because the wedding card decide their daughter’s wedding and all the people to come in on, Both husband and wife are happy to hear this because they know that if a girl’s marriage is done well then it can be a good thing.

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