True way of life short stories in english 2019

True way of life short stories in english 2019

True way of life short stories in english 2019, It seemed to him at all times that whatever he is doing is all right, but his family members used to say that if you did not do everything well in life then one day it will come that you will not find anything,

True way of life short stories in english 2019

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True way of life short stories in english

while you yourself Work should be done very well, everything is hard work in life, but those who do not work hard always get annoyed in life, then he started saying that I do not think that it is true that many people work harder In the same way, his father comes and says that you probably do not know


You can not achieve anything without any effort, you probably do not understand, those you see, they get everything in a very short time but you have not seen the time behind them. You do not even know that he How much time do you spend in fulfilling your work, you only see success, but you probably do not know how hard they have worked for that success, but you do not understand, because you I understand, maybe you do not know that even a little success is hidden behind a lot of success,

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Then the boy said that you do not know that the boy studying in our college has gone on a good job while completing his college while he used to read and play with us, but we did not see anything good in him. That is why I say that success is achieved only when Dad says that you always see success, but the time behind that success is not noticed. When you are wasting your time, someone is bringing his time in use, who uses his time, he gets everything in life, so use the time and go ahead in life, when you play If you come home, you work so hard, you know that you fall asleep and you have to use that time, but you do not do that which is the real success that he uses. He has done a lot of work in his life, perhaps he had come to know that where he is making a mistake

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Now you have understood that what you have to do and how to do it is to work harder and move on in life, who can use their time to do everything in life, so use your time in the right way if you If you like the story, you definitely share it and comment,


Luck can ever change short stories in english

He often used to think that his life could change at any time but when this change will come, he did not know that one day he met a saint. He asked, when will my life change, because I am very disturbed The saint said that life could have changed at any time but we should know about what we are doing, because all this brings change in our life, but how can we change the action? A right is what you tell me,


The saint said that I tell you all this in a story telling you that, a long time ago a poor man lived, his poverty was very high, he used to say to God every day that a good day in my life When will I be able to live comfortably, he used to think every day, but no solution was coming out, he used to go to work every day, but he did not receive much money from which he could remain happy, always upset Lived

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One day he was asleep, in a dream God appeared to him and said that you are very sad, if you remain like this then your life will be very bored. You should bring happiness in your life, so that you can live well, but you Do not pay attention to this, the man started saying that I am very worried, because I do not have much money in which I can live my life very well, God says good We can not run from the forest wealth but you think money should you work so it’s all about, when you do a lot of work if you get a lot of money, But he said that I work hard but I am not getting any benefit. God said that hard work is not to benefit but rather to work hard in which your mind can feel, when your mind starts working, then you will know that you are on the right track, then you will reach success, after that the same eye opens, then it becomes known that it was a dream or I have shown the path, after that it does the same work Land in which he seems to mind.

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When he works according to his work, he enjoys that work, but he is not able to understand what effect it has on life because he can not understand what effect his work can have on our life. But when God has said this in the dream, it would have been said only after thinking, after that he works and after very cleansing he works, his mind also works, but he does not know anything. Confirms he sees her changing life get the money before her work, but now he gets good money,

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Now he works, he does not bore his work at all, he does very well in one year, his life also becomes very good, he is doing better every day in his life, he is also doing all those happiness He was seeing whatever he had never seen before. He was living a very happy life today, he came to know that when we work with our will, success is achieved when we are the other person. When we say, we get disappointment, all this knowledge he had got

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One day he was asleep, God again appeared and said that now your life is like that man said that now a lot is happening now my life has changed, the way you told me I was walking in I did the same thing in which my mind was feeling very good in him because he was not bored in him, after that the man had got a lot of hard work in his life, the saint says that if we want so much Something Can not,

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But if we want to do right then we can do it, if you work hard then you can change your destiny too. You have to work hard to change your destiny. Only hard work can do. Your destiny can also change. He was very happy to hear Bato because he had found the way that he could achieve everything in life, he had also learned to work hard in his life, he had also changed his life. It teaches us that destiny too can change if everything you want, everything can happen

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If you also want to change your destiny then you have to work hard in the right direction, when you do so destiny also changes, but thinking will not do anything you will have to do when you work hard then it becomes You can see that your destiny has changed, whatever you thought was complete. True way of life and Luck can ever change short stories in english 2019, If you liked these two stories, then the shares definitely do.

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