Money is not everything small story in english

Money is not everything small story in english

Money is not everything small story in english, One day all people are sleeping in the house, they do not even know what can happen at night, the night is still half left, then only there are some sounds, some people in the house wake up by their voice,

Money is not everything small story in english

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Money is not everything small story in english

Their The eyes open, the light of the house is burnt, because he sees that this voice has come from the saying, then all people ask that we feel like this that someone has come in, because this vase is still broken, It is broken because someone Was made, But who can be who we are, we will have to find out this thing, as it has come in, it can still be inside or there can be a thief who came here to steal, anybody, we will be here today They will not let you go, they have seen all over the place, but there was no eye, maybe they would have been concealed, or would have gone from here, we have to see that he has not taken anything, he is everywhere Look, they do not see anything It did not seem that he had taken something,

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But when he looked at the door of the outside, he saw that he was open, it would have come to mean someone who has left our door, who could not find it, everyone could sit in. They were thinking that whatever came in, what they have taken, some do not understand, then their eyes go to one place, they put something on one table, but when I thought that it was Mohan’s picture was stuck, he could not see it,

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A thief would just take pictures, it did not understand anything, I think the thief will not take a picture, something that was not understood, all the gold went away, they no longer know It was going on in the morning, when all the people got up, they got a letter which says that came to your house in the night, maybe you know me, I was just looking for a single picture, taking it together Going on If you want to be in front of you, then come to this place for me to meet,

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The writer did not write much, but he can understand that he came to our house and stole the picture and wants to call us what the thief wants us to think it is crazy that we will come to call him, but to think It is a matter of who is this thief, we know this because in the letter was written that you all know me, we should go and see who he is,

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All people go to meet him, he knew of a village, but who was this village, it was not known that the thief would have lived in this village, and after that theft comes to our house, he is so far away After taking a picture we come so far to see him, while we do not even know who he is, but we all definitely go, they come to the village after some time, but they cannot find the address It’s been great Is taken from them, he knew,

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All of them go to that place, the door is closed, they make a voice, but no voice is heard, after some time he puts his hand on the door, he opens, everyone goes in, an old man was sitting He goes to him, and says that we had got a letter in which there was the address here to which we had written to meet, we have come here, who are you, do you know that a few days ago a photo from us Was stolen, we got It is said that the thief lives on this,

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The old man says that maybe you see all the thieves, you always see the evil inside everyone, so you see all the thieves, what do you think that would be useful to steal a picture, while all your stuff So it was kept on the same, that means you came here to us, that old man was sitting back on his side, when he got up, all the people were watching, he did not expect that the man was someone else In fact his grandfather,

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who may have forgotten it, All people are left watching them, due to the high amount of peso they only see money, they do not see any relation in front of Peso, they only see Peso, they forget everything, Can money be forgotten by all, maybe this is not true, only a few people believe that pesos can always balance relationships, the behavior of man changes when money comes, perhaps it can remove everyone So come many changes in life that we are all away,

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That was the reason that he had forgotten everything, now the old relationships were also seen before him, maybe now all seemed that he did not do well, this story tells us that money is not everything, more than that There is also something, which we have forgotten, our relationships that are always with us, Money is not everything small story in english, If you like it, then share it further and comment.

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