New inspirational short stories may 2019

New inspirational short stories may 2019

New inspirational short stories may 2019, you will like this story, because in this story we find out how we give someone with us when we need it, He was too late to come home, when he reached the house, the door was open,

New inspirational short stories may 2019

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New inspirational short stories may 2019

how can it be, in the door, the door was closed, but how is this door open, when the man went in, saw that A man is sitting in, he is asked who you are, and how he has come home, the man was scared, it seemed that he was nervous, but there was no one Do not notice, The man has come near and said that someone had fallen behind me, who had come here to save me. I had not seen any way in my house, I did not think that he was telling the truth But it was from his words that he was running away from anyone, but who is he who is running away from it, thought to find out that it should ask the whole thing, do you sit comfortably Go and tell me the whole thing.


what happened to Now the man was feeling some good, then he started saying that I work in one place, there are many people working at that place, we are laborers, so by working everyday we save money for ourselves and those who I eat food from the place where all of us were working, at that place I had broken the luggage, after which the master came and said that you have broken the goods here, so here you have to work without money for a few days I have to If that told me the food so money is not received , but the owner said that the you do not,


So you have to pay for the goods, if you give the money, you will also be given work and money will be given in exchange for it, but I have no money, I can not give you money, let me work you But the owner said that now you have to work in free here, I was not feeling good because I could not work without money, so I ran away from it when I came in Received some men were coming behind me, Because I had hurt him, after that he wanted to take me from me. Your house was opened with my hand and after that I have been hiding here, because all those people will be searching me out, I can not go out, now, What do you tell me to do, I was convinced now that he was telling the truth, but the solution could be only one, but if I am prepared for it, what can I do in this? Was only the man said you help me


It was believed in his words, but to help him, nothing was understood in the face. Only then the door was knocked. The door opened, then the same people were standing in front of the people who were looking for them they saw that their laborers in front Standing, he started saying that our surface is waiting for the boss. You should have run away from there. You have run away and proved that you can harm anyone, the laborer started saying that my husband  and there was no way,

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They all started saying that we have to listen to nothing, you have to go with us, only then the laborers had started refusing but they wanted to take him, after which all of them were stopped, no one will take him, if you do You have to think, you have to think, why do you fall in this matter, you know it, why are you saving it, while the loss is done by this and the boss wants that he should do his work for free, Her b Went to meet the owner, because it might be something,

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The laborer also went along and now the people had come to the owner, the owner asked who you are, you do not know, but the worker did not know why he ran away, then the master asked that you should not do this You are working from this laborer, and you are not giving money, the owner asked why you are asking, when this thing is of ours and the laborer, on asking the owner said that I have suffered a lot which has happened to me Is man So that if it was said you will not have the money to do the work, because you have lost,

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If you want to avoid all these, then give me the money and go away from here, it was right to tell that the loss had happened, but no other way was seen, the owner was paid his money and He brought the worker together. He started saying that you have helped me. You are a very good man, nobody is good and bad, we should help each other, that is good, which should be done by all, from this story We know that today We were able to help someone, it is very good, if you liked this story, then you must share it and comment by telling us,

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