Not heard before short stories with moral 2019

Not heard before short stories with moral 2019

Not heard before short stories with moral 2019, It was a long time ago, that was not the same as it was today, there was a lot of convenience, but life was very simple, everyone used to live together, a village we are going to talk about in the same village,

Not heard before short stories with moral 2019

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Not heard before short stories with moral 2019

A man who was very good, gave this education to everyone that if all lives together then that life is very good, because our life succeeds only when we all give up on time, One day a family was in a lot of trouble. The family was very difficult today because their crop was not getting better today, due to which the people were upset but they were not coming to anyone even if they were very worried, their The trouble was increasing but he was not telling anyone, a very good man from the village knew that he is very upset but he is not telling anyone, it does not mean that no one Will not pay attention to it,

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If we do not think, then it is not a good thing. We should think, they go to them thinking of it, they can not go to the house’s, they hear something, they stop to understand what that matter is, There is a voice from inside that our problems are increasing but we are not able to do anything. We have to do something, that man says that this time our decision had become suddenly why the animals had spoiled our decision Now we can not do anything, we have to run everything like this,

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When their words are done then that person comes in. When he comes in, all the people are silent and show that he is very happy, he knows that he brings something for them to eat that man knows. But he is still seeing that he is serving him but he is not telling anything, after some time the man says that you do not tell us anything but we came to know that you are a parable that the farmer says We do not understand what we do,

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That good man says that you should have told us also but you did not say anything to anyone but if we do not tell anyone, then it is not good because there is not much information about it so many times, so you have to It was supposed to have been thought but there is no matter where you meet us whatever help you ask for, but he started saying how long you will help us, you know this, The man began to say that there is only one village with you in the rest of the village here. All the people will definitely help you, only then all of us live here if we are here and do not help in any kind, why should we together So, it is very necessary to be together so that we are one if we all think only about ourselves, then it is not a good thing, we all have to take care of it, then we will be called good people in life,

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After a while, a lot of people had come there, all said that you do not want to worry, we all are listening to you that the man was feeling very good today even today he felt that he is not alone The man who was with him was now very happy, it was his happiness that he was seeing everyone that all the people had come there to help him in the form of this, in this way everything due to that good man It was good, But this thing was not understandable that how the animals in his farm went, all this was done by a Seth who wanted to disturb him so that he could sell his farm to him, because when he was upset he would definitely have to help It will be done but it was because it was due to that good man. It was all the time when he came to Seth and said, ‘If you want help, you can give me good money,

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But the actress had refused to do so that Seth was very angry and as soon as she got out she was thinking that her plan was worthless and that all this was doing to her man when that man Seeing a good man, both of them were silent but the good man understood that he had done all that but he wanted to say this, that should not be done so that anyone has such a problem, that Seth went away because he was aware today that he was doing wrong, that man had known about him

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The good man did not want this to be known to everyone but some people knew that they were feeling very angry but the good adam said that you should not be angry but know that this is not a good thing. We can forgive that Seth. He will not do this in the future, Seth also came there saying that he will not do this from today, and whatever loss he will have given to that farmer,

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After that Seth, who had been forgiven, because he probably had improved now, today Seth had understood that he had made a mistake, maybe when someone accepts his mistake, then he should not do it, after that a good man Everything was good because of the problem, the trouble comes everywhere, but if its problem is solved then it is good that this story tells us that it should always be good in life, Not heard before short stories with moral 2019, If you liked this story then share it.

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