Life’s new trouble inspirational moral stories

Life’s new trouble inspirational moral stories

Life’s new trouble inspirational moral stories, A sadhu was going through the strand of the river only when he saw that a man is drowning in water he goes inside the water to save.

Life’s new trouble inspirational moral stories

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Life’s new trouble inspirational moral stories

The sadhu had gone inside the water and was trying hard to save that man. Sadhu Maharaj had saved the man with great difficulty, after which Sadhu Maharaj took him out and said what you were doing in the water Because of which you need to drown, the man began to say that I was going through the banks of the river. I did not know that there was a lot of mud on the ground that I fell on that mud and I Slipped into the river in this way, Sadhu Maharaj said that you should have seen.


After that, the man started saying that I did not take care of mud, because of which I had trouble and I did not even have to swim. In this way, the river was about to be drowning that you came and saved me Maharaj asked how your life was going on, the man began to say that I am experiencing a lot of trouble because of which I have not even seen that mud is lying here, my attention Somewhere else, Sadhu Maharaj had now understood that the man is going through difficulties, due to this his attention did not go anywhere at the place where there was mud and because of which he could have had trouble today.


Sadhu Maharaj said that with me, I want to tell you something. Man started saying, ‘I am already facing the problem.’ If you help me out of this problem then it will be very good that Sadhu ji said that my ashram Here it is with me that the sadhu Maharaj took me to his ashram and as if the man arrived at the ashram then his mind had become very good. He reached himself in the ashram, The man was feeling good that the man began to say that I feel very comfortable here, and I feel like coming here, that life here is very good. My mind is not doing anything to go from here is


That is why I want that, if I come here, how good it would be that Sadhu Maharaj said that you can make such an environment even at your home. He said to the sadhu Maharaj how can it be done here Please explain to me how to be like a house so that I can get the right guidance. Sadhu Maharaj started saying that everyone’s life can be alike but all people do not do the same. So that the atmosphere of his home can be good and he will be able to enjoy peace, you have to do some work, change your life, behave well with all and calmly talk to everyone so that everyone’s mind too To change slowly and to take this kind of life you may have to face a lot of problems initially, but after some time you will see that your life will change gradually.

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There is a lot of problems in the life of a man. He can reduce his problems. He can gradually turn away from his problems by making changes in behavior, all should talk to sweet voice so that everyone’s mind is very good, if your life If you have a slight problem then you should calm down your mind before reducing them, until your mind is calm, you will not be able to do anything because when we The mind is disturbed, then we can not do anything that the man was listening to the sadhu Maharaj and was making changes in his mind.

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Gradually he felt like everything he is saying is right if he wants to be good in life, then he must make certain changes in his life which can see the effect well, by the sadhu Maharaj After understanding and he went to his house after understanding, he started to change the atmosphere of his house gradually and he adopted the behavior which the sadhu Maharaj had told, and thus he would be right in life. There was able to have problems sometimes in life, because of which man does not reach the right decision, but if he keeps his mind calm, then he can do a lot. After some time his wife saw that much inside the husband Changes have come, those who were very disturbed, gradually they make plans to get out of problems, their way of dealing too much has changed

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He now lives calm and tries to settle all the problems calmly, he does not get angry at anyone because he knows that nothing gets nothing from anger, making the right decision in life, resting the mind and being equal to everyone And it is also very important to behave well, then you can make life good, it is very good in life, that is the essence of life, you should also do it, Life’s new trouble inspirational moral stories, if you Please tell us by commenting on this story and then share it further.

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