Two good short stories in english may 2019

Two good short stories in english may 2019

Two good short stories in english may 2019, I do not think that our problems will be removed very soon, my work is not going well. I feel like this, problems will arise in the coming life, if it continues, then we will not be able to do anything the wife said that it is wrong to think that we should continue moving forward in our life,

Two good short stories in english may 2019

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Two good short stories in english may 2019

new thoughts should be brought to our mind, but sometimes the problems lead us astray. Could the reason we found it could not move forward in life right when it comes to problems in life would not have worked and when they cannot work, man becomes miserable


But life’s ups and downs continue to happen, fearing them, we will not let go of moving forward in our own life. Wife says that you should pay attention to your work and new ideas should be added to increase your work. We should also think that to increase the way our work can go forward, we have to adopt new ideas in our life, but the man will have new ideas in his life. Was always afraid of adopting


Because he felt that if there was a sudden change in life, how would I deal with many circumstances, perhaps he had to think about making a change in his life because he could not bring any changes in his life soon. So it seemed like we should walk the way the way life is running, with new ideas, it could have been affected very quickly, perhaps this was the reason that today is completely Could not meditate


Because to run the work, we have to change many policies so that our work can work well, he used to work at a shop so that he thinks that I can do my shop very well but by adopting new ideas He was always afraid that he thought that changes in life are a problem, wife says, if you want to do your work well then bring a lot of change in life. It is necessary


If we can make our life good by making slight changes, then there can be no better thing than this, but the man was not ready to obey this thing. Now that nothing can happen, the wife said that if we make some changes in our life then it probably has a great effect on life and it may also be that your work is very good. Walking engaged


A few days later the man was ready to make changes, he thought that this life is a bit difficult, but by making changes, if something good can be done by bringing changes, the time has passed and sometime after the man saw That change had little impact on his life, which was not working at all, slowly he started walking, his thinking was changing, he was not sure that at some level My job is running so well after behavior

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If he had given up, he would say that if you do not understand any other way in life, then by doing a little bit change, you may see that your life will improve. This Moral story tells us that to change life It is very necessary for a little bit change in ourselves, when we change a bit, then changes in life also change.

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If any good changes occur in your life after the change comes, then you should not panic about the change in it but should take it, if you liked this story, then share it further and comment on it also tell us.


Second short stories in english

A man lived in a village. He was also very upset he had become very worried about his life, he could not understand anything, what he should do, that his life would be very good every day. Used to think but it was not visible to any of the solutions; it seemed to him whose life was being useless I am not able to do anything

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His mind was not working in any work whatever he used to do, he would leave him the next day, one day he was going through a troubled path only when a friend of his was coming from the front, he said that you have appeared many days later. It started to say that I have a lot of trouble. I have become very disturbed in life. Problems always exist in front of me, so I go out very little and this is the reason I am I cannot even get it. His friend began to say that you should make your life very good. Such things should be kept in your life, seeing that you feel that I have to get everything that all the people have received said that I have tried many times I have done it but I do not have anything to do. I lose as much time I try and no work from me

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I am still worried about work, I do not tolerate a few things. His friend began to say that if you have to do something in life then he should adopt some things in life. He should pay attention to his work and show interest in his work. You do not do any such thing till you stay interested in it till you are always disturbed by life. He was thinking a little bit after listening to his friend But knew that nothing will happen to him because his mind does not do any work, so his friend says that if you have to do something then your mind must first explain that what is good for you is in your mind It will be good for our mind too much. Two good short stories in english may 2019, If you liked this story then share it.

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