New small moral stories of education may 2019

New small moral stories of education may 2019

New small moral stories of education may 2019, We work many things in life, that work is very good for some, and some learn better by learning from them, but all this is not limited to one place, we learn something every day.

New small moral stories of education may 2019

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New small moral stories of education may 2019

When we learn something, we get new education from them, but you know that anyone can be needed to teach us, so do not think that it is too small for us, because of any knowledge about us Learned May be, Therefore, something must be learned from everything in life, this story tells us that sometimes in life she gets to learn anything which nobody has ever told, so we go ahead in our story, We get something to teach, this story belongs to a family living in that village, a little girl lived in that family, she used to help her family in every way, because she thought that if we were all A Let’s help each other so it is good for everyone

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One day a man came here, he was probably asking the little girl’s father, but the father had just gone out, so he had sat down for a while, because he felt that waiting for some time would come. The little girl was doing her homework because she and her father used to live in that house, at the very young age she was making food, she was doing all this for her father, the man started asking, now your age very Small is how you can do all this work,

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He started saying that our age does not hinder us to do anything, but how do we do that work? It is very necessary, if we learn by doing any work, then it comes to work when doing it If it has been a lot of days, then it comes in our habit, so whatever we have to do it is to do it with utmost hard work, then we can do it, no work comes before anyone, that everything comes by learning about it is

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But many people get tired of working for a while, do not do too many things, they can never learn from it, hard work is needed to do the work, if you work hard then do anything The hard work lets us do all the work because hard work can learn everything, so it is very necessary that the person starts thinking of these things that even in this age, he knows so much that even the elders do not even know this thing. So some time later the man was going to come with waiting.

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The little girl goes inside. The man says that your child is small but it knows everything. It also knows all the things that you do not even know about, even at such a young age it does everything I saw that she was making food how could it be that the man started saying that it does all this for me because he knows that there is no one to work here, so he also helps me, so that we can Leaf is not,

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Then the man began to say that if this is the case then you should get married second because it helps everyone, you should think about it. The man started saying that I had talked about this, but he refused. That is because he says that if a new person comes here, then our love may decrease, so he had refused, I thought that even if he does not like it then there is no problem.

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The man began to say that the atmosphere of your home is very good, I think that the person who speaks well in the house is always good. Here is the little girl giving the knowledge that I feel that I know all the facts, if someone has been wrong then he can explain it because he understands everyone’s point of view, I think that because of his reason your house is very good, even in such a small age he knows everything as big a person Not even the public, when he gave me the knowledge of all the sentences

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I was feeling that there is a problem in your family but this is not the case but the problem lies in the family in which there is no explanation but here only a little girl can explain everything. I do not think anyone has this baby girl Do not believe in the matter, everyone will pay attention to it and their life will be successful, now I should have walked in here so that I came here because if there is any problem you can help me in this But, here comes our problem even after coming here. New small moral stories of education may 2019, If you liked this story then share it.

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