Life is not good motivational stories may 2019

Life is not good motivational stories may 2019

Life is not good motivational stories may 2019, I remember today very well I know that he had said something like this today after which I did not feel good, he should not have said this thing.

Life is not good motivational stories may 2019

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Life is not good motivational stories may 2019

Today he told me to go. I did not like his talk. He was thinking as he was old now he had told him to go till he was working till he was feeling good but today when I worked If he does not, then today he had told to go, when a person gets old, he is removed, as long as he can work, everything is good, it is not good to tell that old man is very much listening to his son I was feeling bad because it seemed that when I was old I lost my need today till I could work all I liked and I was not doing any work so he said that Now you can go to the village. It does not matter. Why did he bring me the city? Now this thing has come to understand. Until I could work, he was keeping me in the city.


But when I am too old, now I am sending it to the village. What will I do in the village, there is no one but there is no one to be able to stay there. Now nothing can happen. She has told me that Now I have to go, I can not make my mind worse by thinking about it. I am very sad that she said it but nothing can happen, so I will have to go to the village. She is ready to go to the village. Shortly after that, he sat on the bus and left for his village in the evening as all the people used to meet him everyday and talked to his neighbors who lived with him in the evening. Come home and say that old Baba is not visible. I have to talk to him.


The boy says that he has gone to the village today, he had to work in some villages due to this reason he has gone that man said that he had come from the village then he had been quite a long time coming from the village. Now what is in the village There will be no one but there is no one, the boy said that he has gone for a few days and after some time he will come back. After listening to this, the man would go back to his house but go home and think that he is here only from the village Came on Area and he can I told the village nothing whereby they live in, but then the village why not come to talk sense have they not said anything before I go


When I came home, my wife began to say that the old father, who lived in our neighborhood, suddenly went to the village today, his son is saying he has some work. I see something wrong because he has any I did not tell you how he could go without informing, while he was living here for a long time. I do not understand anything. I think I go to his village and see what is the matter. It is okay you can go, you can know about this, that man went towards the village on the same day because he did not understand anything. He wanted to meet old Baba. After some time he reached the village of old Baba and They went to meet him when he reached his house, old Baba was sitting


He asks the old sage how you came here, you did not tell us at all. We went to your house. Son said that he has gone to the village for a few days. Old Baba says that he is not talking for a few days. He has sent me here forever. He doesn’t want me to be with him. He listens to the person. He asks, “What has happened like this?” Sent not only can the old man says that I’m not their work have already become old so probably understand that I should stay in the village and he sent me here

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The only thing is that I have grown old, he can never get any work, so maybe he is bored of me and sent me to the village. Now I can not tell anything about this. After a few days, all the people will ask me how many Why did you come here after a year? There is no one here but how can you live here? I will not even answer his point. Man says that you meet me very much better I was feeling as if I wanted to stay there but if I do not want to keep your son I keep you

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You go with me, we will be together, the old man says that I know that you are very good but we can not stay there if I do this so my son gets hurt and I do not want to hurt him. Man tears in his eyes because he can not think of his son yet, who has removed him. Life is not good motivational stories may 2019, You can also share this story.

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