Learning from life moral stories may 2019

Learning from life moral stories may 2019

Learning from life moral stories may 2019, The man had a monkey, he lived with the same monkey, the monkey and the man always lived together, when there was any festival, he always used to bring some or something for the monkey, monkey And the man used to live alone,

Learning from life moral stories may 2019

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Learning from life moral stories may 2019

the man liked to keep a monkey, he did not show the monkey’s game, but he believed that the monkey is always good, so he kept the monkey together, even a small farm Was. By which he used to run his house always by cultivating it, whenever he used to take the monkey, he would always take it for food, but one day it happened that he did not have anything to eat. He was taking away when he reached his farm, he had been engaged in work, he had nothing to eat today, because it was also possible that he could not get food, whatever the time he would save something for the monkey. 

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But the judge was unable to save anything, he was working on his farm, when he came to see that he was hungry, but he also knew that the monkey would also be hungry, whatever he would do. Did not understand, he started thinking that maybe if he had some fruit in nearby garden, he could bring it to the monkey, thinking that he had gone to nearby garden. He saw all the trees that some trees were bearing fruit Went to them and had some fruit,

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After all, he came out with all the fruits and after some time he went to the monkey and gave him the fruit to eat. The monkey also knew that the man is hungry today, the monkey gave some fruits to that man, both of which together Khaye and finished the work and went home, when the house reached, the man had gone to the village to eat something had happened this evening but he found it difficult to get food. He knew that the trouble would not end there Do something. He had brought any money he had to eat but he would need to eat tomorrow too, he did not want to tell anyone to eat, but he knew that if it does not happen then the difficulty will increase very much, He did not have much farming, but he used to live in his farm used to be vegetables which was running the house by selling it, he was thinking that if I sell these vegetables in the city then I Ayda may be some selling in the village do not get,

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Thinking that he was running away from the city, the town was very far from the village but if he has to do something then he will have to take a little trouble, he was taking the monkey along with him when he asked the city, he came to know that in the city She gets good prices but the journey to the city is very high, she will not be able to decide it easily, she takes about three hours to go to the city and it takes too much time to come, she was benefiting but it was too late Of Travel had to be decided too. When the evening came, both of them had come home, after that they also knew that they had benefited a lot but it took a lot of time to come, after which they were tired, they had to do something that they would have to do every day. After that, he could not even go on journey, but after a little thought he had taken a bicycle, on the same he had deemed proper selling and carrying out all the goods, after which he had gone to the city which took time to walk, Too much Time was her bicycle,

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He now understood that this idea was good, he would have saved him a lot of time and he was getting very good profits. Now his condition looked better than before, and the man was now very happy, While they had to put a little brain to which they were able to improve their circumstances, when everything they had before they had made some changes, after that they were able to produce a good experience, this story What do you understand from before, we do our best to understand this, We all have everything we have, but we can not see them. If we explain to ourselves that we can do everything we can do a lot, you would have felt that we do not have all the means but It is also your job to think that you can do very well by whatever you have, we need to experiment with it, when we get good thinking then we do well,

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But we should not go to that place at the place where we think only if we had this, would have been very good, or if we find it then we can succeed, we do not allow it to move forward, So think good and see what you have, and what you can do to him, Learning from life moral stories may 2019, if you liked this story, you must share it,

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