What is the truth of the matter small story

What is the truth of the matter small story

What is the truth of the matter small story, The man used to sit down at the same place every day, after sitting at that place, he waited, whenever a person came to that person, the man used to ask him for work,

What is the truth of the matter small story

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What is the truth of the matter small story

so that he could go home in the evening to eat, sometimes It was also possible that he would go home by waiting all day, because he did not get any work, his wife and his little boy lived at his house, whose responsibility was on that man, if he did not do anything then he would eat Nothing, it was that he knew,

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The man was waiting at the same time, waiting for a long time, a man had stopped in front of him, he asked that you should get the job that the man started saying that if you give me work, then I will complete that work honestly, The man began to say, okay come with me, that man walked with that man, after that he reached home and started saying that this house has to be cleaned, because it has been closed for so many days, if you are good. you do cleaning, you will get good money too,

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After looking at the house, the man said that it will take two days to clean it, because it is very dirty, that man said that it is okay to get to work and tomorrow also come from time because it does not happen that tomorrow Do not come, and this work will increase for three days, he said that it would not be so, that man went by saying this, after that he had started cleaning, he had cleared all the days, he had been very tired When it happened in the evening, the man came to meet and said The work has reached the point,

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The man said that tomorrow will be fulfilled, gave him some money and said that this is the key to the house, tomorrow I can get it in the evening, the man went away saying this, but the man forgot his bag on the same When the man saw that he forgot the bag on this, he went out to return the bag to him but he had gone, thought that he would take this bag with him, return to the next day. Give,

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The bag was very small, that guy had taken that bag in his hand, and probably would have forgotten, he went to the house in the evening and told his wife to keep this bag well, we have to return it tomorrow, this bag The man had forgotten on the same thing, his wife said that why you brought it here, had to put it on the same side, the man started saying that it was not like this, because the house was empty, if a thief came there If he goes, he could do it, this bag is in What, the man said that there is gold jewelry in it, when he heard the name of gold, when his wife opened and saw gold jewelry in it,

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The man began to say that this is not ours, we have to return it tomorrow, keeping such a good wife kept the jeweler and slept, and when he remembered that man, he came home only at night, He had left his house only, he had a second key, he opened the house and saw that the jeweler said, he came to notice that he had kept that small bag on it, that means that the man has taken that bag home. He has stolen the bag,

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He did not know his house, so thought that when he comes tomorrow, he will be asked about the bag, but if he does not come, then he will be traced, when he got up in the morning, his wife said that I think that Sonu is poor, when Sonu was seen, his health was getting worse, he had taken him to the doctor, so that he could not go to work, the man was waiting for him, but he did not Had come, now she Man he i had missed does not come because of gold jewelry, so did not need to come,

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The man was disturbed he did not even know at his house, so he could not do anything, he had gone back to his house, he was no longer convinced by anyone, this world is full of greedy people, It is only evening, and someone comes to the door, the man opens the door, then he sees the man in front, the man says that your jewelry is with me, when you came yesterday you forgot, so you have forgotten. Come on, not in work today Come,

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Because my son’s health was very bad, he had taken him in the morning, after that it was too late, now when you came back home, you had come here, when you reached home, your neighbor gave you your address. It was said that he has been waiting for a long time, so thought that you will have some work, so come on this first, your work will be completed tomorrow, when the person heard this thing he was very sad, Because we have not thought Is say everything should say when we should find the whole thing before only. What is the truth of the matter small story, If you liked this story then share it,

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