New thinking short stories with moral 2019

New thinking short stories with moral 2019

New thinking short stories with moral 2019, Today all were very happy looking, there was no festival today, but still everyone was engaged in their work, they were feeling very good today, but what was it was that they were very happy,

New thinking short stories with moral 2019

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New thinking short stories with moral 2019

because today their master would come It was said that Guru Ji told him a lot of things, which made everyone’s life very happy, Guruji was coming today when he had gone from that village, three months passed since today, three Months later he was about to return, There was no festival, but he was celebrating this day very well because he used to treat his Guruji as a lot, all the people were waiting for him, but he was not able to see, much time had passed. Guruji was not able to look, it should not have happened, but why are not he going to look after waiting too much, it was going to happen in the evening from noon, but no one was coming to see him, seeing the way he Time passed went,


Only then did the man running away from the front saw that he had come and stopped, after some time he told that someone has stopped Guruji on the same person. Nobody knows that person but he is not letting them go, we go Guruji should help, do not know what the man wants, we are getting very worried, only then all started saying that we will have to walk then only we will know what is happening, all started going to that man, when all The man went to the man, then the man stood beside Guruji,

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Everyone told that man you should leave Guruji, but no one will go forward, this man began to say, all said what you want, you have to tell us that the man started saying that your guruji is good Just know that everything happened because of this, if it does not do this, then it is not like that, but it was only because of what happened that it is responsible for this, that nobody was able to understand what was happening is. Because nobody understood the point of that man, All the people began to say that this is our Guruji, for them we have kept a festival in the village today, all were waiting for them, but you have kept them here but you should not do it, if you want us You can walk together, but the man began to say, what is my fault in it, you only tell me, all said, what you want to say, you tell us the whole thing, then that man started saying that it was some time ago Matter.

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I was stolen in the house, nobody knew this, but when I was going out, Guruji had seen me, Guruji said that you should not do it, if you do this then you too It will be difficult, when you take somebody’s baggage, it also hurts you when you hurt someone, it is not a good thing, if you take any baggage then how do you feel, you can understand this ,After that the thief began to say, then you can tell me what to do, then Guruji said that if you leave this work, it would be better if I had left that work from that day, all the people started saying that It is a good thing Guruji had told you to do good but the man said that I used to think this too, but for some days I was not able to get the job, but the problems of eating in the house also started to grow, To eat Did not find,

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When a few days passed like this, I also felt that this work was not good, but the first thing used to do was good, so I got angry and I had caught Guruji, Guruji said that you It seems that everything is easy, no work is easy when you walk on the right path, then trouble comes, but those who are not afraid of them, they go ahead but you were scared very soon, When you started withdrawing B It is not right, If you tell me all this before, then you are looking for some work for you but you have not said it and have started doing all this, after that the man becomes calm, he says that whatever work you will give me I will definitely do it, but my problem should end in all ways, after that the man had also been working and left  Guruji, we do not get any job easily, so you must work hard in it.

Second new thinking short stories with moral

He had done everything but he was not able to focus his attention on any work; Now it seemed that he had not made it for this work, he understood that he can not work in that I will never do it, maybe she was frustrated now, she goes to a place and settles and thinks that no one can do anything but I cannot do everything, why cannot  I do so Is not able to do that well,

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If anybody told me the reason for it, it would be great, maybe I can improve it, but who will tell me, who knows it, does not understand anything, he was thinking everything, but  guess He did not feel like he went to a place and saw some people standing there, what he is doing all over there, he sees them and he stands up and stands, he stands for some time, After that, his eyes go to a man, he is listening to everyone’s problem, he also thinks that maybe I should also get my answer here, he also stands on the same side and sees when his number comes up After waiting for a long time, when her number comes, she goes to that person and says that you are very worried in the treatment of my problem, I want to do something good but nothing in it. Can do Ha i, i probably would not make for a good cause,

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In the same thought, I can do something better for someone, but I cannot do anything, what should I do when the person’s hearing was heard, then that man said that he is your mind that you Nothing does not allow it to always remove your work. It will not let you do anything. First you have to think which path you want to take, because if you keep walking with your mind, then get anything It will not happen, so firstly the mind will have to do good, we all think in the mind, When we walk with our mind, we leave any work in the middle, we start all the way, but we get bored soon, when this happens then our work remains in the middle, therefore We think that we cannot do this, the second task is to be responsible for our work, when we do any work, it is necessary to think of how much better you can do that work. How much time do you give,

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If you give too much time to your work and you do not see the time to do your work, then you surely do your work, if we ever do the work and after that leave it soon, then in this way If you do anything then it is never complete, therefore it is necessary to think that, you start the work and keep doing it till you complete it, this work is definitely done, He heard the man saying that you are right in saying that I was making a mistake, I did not know that any work was done very honestly, while in the meantime it used to think that this work was quick It would have been complete, hard work would have seemed less, but by your saying it is known that no work is easy, he demands all the hard work, if we do this then it will definitely be fulfilled from today Advanced course will,

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After that he goes away because he knows that what he has to do now, do any work, it will be good if you do it with the whole wedding, because that work will definitely be fulfilled, we hope that you will get everything from this story We must have understood, New thinking short stories with moral 2019, If you like this story then you can share.

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