I used to work short stories with moral values

I used to work short stories with moral values

I used to work short stories with moral values, The businessman had never thought that his boy would never work, until he knew it, but when he was told that you go with me today we have to do some other work but the boy would say that I will not work ,

I used to work short stories with moral values

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I used to work short stories with moral values

But the father said that if you do not learn the work, then you will not be able to do anything, but the boy only used to say that I do not need it, but hearing this, the businessman was very angry, he said that if you Of If you do not learn, then you will not be able to do anything in life.

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The boy did not pay attention to the father, after that the new father said that now you should go home when you do not want to work, then you do not need to stop here, after that the boy goes home when the mother finds out The boy’s son has come home, so he was asked, why have you come, the boy told me that I am not able to work in the work, after that the boy’s mother was very sad, because she was big Was happening He should work, but it is not,

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When it happened in the evening, the father came to the house and started saying that till today, till it does not bring some money, nothing will be given to it, and it will start tomorrow, it will not give any food to it. When it will earn, the earnings are small or big, it does not make any difference but only then it will know that without earning, the house does not go on when it happened in the morning, as it was fixed, it was the same that did not give anything to the boy. 

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After that the boy was told, that till you do not earn, nothing will be found, the boy goes away from home, it was a lot of time now but some did not understand that he If you do not do anything by doing earnings, nothing will be available till then, it was going for a long time but there was nothing to be seen. Only then did he see that some food was being eaten in one place. Was felt but it could not have been every day .

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She had come home in the evening. Mother asked me if some work was found, then Dad came out from inside, she says that no work will be available. It comes with some work which will give it some work, as it was decided how much of today’s earnings It has happened, tell me whatever has happened, tell me whatever amount has been earned, but she did not have anything, she had eaten the food in the day but now she was hungry. She said that when some Do not even go now in O and sleep will not get anything to eat,

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Mother said that she should be hungry. You should not do this, father said new, if we did nothing today, then it will not do anything further, you should think when hunger will grow too much then it will do the work also, next The boy was not at home in the morning. It seemed that he had just gone in the morning, he was searching for work throughout the day but he had not got any work. An old man was coming up with a lot of stuff, In the running.

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The boy thought that I should help him, that boy went to him and was helping to pick up the stuff. The boy had picked up the stuff, when the salmon reached his house then he said that old you have helped me. After that the old man had fed that boy, after eating the food, the boy went away from there, he was thinking that he also got food from helping, so he started looking for every man. He could help,

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He was searching everywhere, finding some work, only when he saw that some laborers were working at some place, they were carrying salmon and taking it to another place, the boy said that what could work in He said, ‘You can also do, you are sitting there sitting on our seat. You talk to him, the boy went to him and said that I had to work too. He started working, when he got there he got some money He went, he was very tired on that day. Area did not work,

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He ate a little food and had kept some money with him, he was very tired, so he slept outside that day he had not gone to the house when his father was coming home only then he saw what this is here He was sleeping in a very good sleep, Dad had brought him home with him when he came in the morning and saw that he was at his house when he came to know that he had brought his father home, then that boy said that I should work Have learned money is also understood earned, come very important work would not do anything without it was then he began to work with everyday dad. I used to work short stories with moral values, If you liked this story then share it.

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