Just a lot of time best moral stories may 2019

Just a lot of time best moral stories may 2019

Just a lot of time best moral stories may 2019, Every day looking for a job and good work was not getting anything, even if small work was available then nothing could be done but nothing is available,

Just a lot of time best moral stories may 2019

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Just a lot of time best moral stories may 2019

it is not known what is going on, but trying every day in its own way But I am not getting success, all say that we should try every day, we get success from this, but here we are not able to see anything, from the morning it was evening, no work Had found it still at home Will go empty-handed, How long will it last? I feel that it is not good, I get out early in the morning, nothing happens till the evening, after all the house was returned, today nothing was achieved, all at home They were waiting, when they went home, everyone asked that today the work has been found. It was difficult to answer them. All had understood that nothing has happened, even today it has come empty handed at home. It happens when little brother arrives you’ll find no work does not concern early,

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The only thing that tells him this is that until the work is not available, the anxiety has to be done. How long will it be difficult for all of us to continue harassing, we are trying but nothing is being achieved, sometimes It seems that our life will never be successful as there is no way, Dad also took loan to teach me, he has even returned new, and every day looking for a job does not take me anywhere. The long run,

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The younger brother said that when you were not, your friend went by giving this paper, it has written that in another city he has a shop, he will get the job, there is a need to work there, if you want, go there. Maybe there was a hope that one morning it would have to go on the same day, maybe no work could be found, how long would we all be disturbed, the next morning, there was a preparation to go to work. All the people were saying that if Of If I get it, it will be good,

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Everyone had the full hope that today’s work will be found, when the other city reached, the address of the shop was discovered to be very difficult to find the shop, when it went to the shop, it would be known that this book is the book. There was a lot of books to be bought in the shop and to sell all the books, because its owner used to do another job, so that he could not pay attention to this shop, he had got work but the wages were getting a little less What was there from which he would have lived,

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He had done that work, he was a book shop, he loved reading it, he even sold the book and sometimes used to read it, his whole day was like that he used to do the same thing every day He was educated but he could not find any job. He was using that time very well, slept on the same night, there was a room inside the shop in which he lived, and his job was very good Was doing the same way He used to make full use of time

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Anyone who gets some money from his work, he would send some money to his home and he kept very little money by doing it. He slowly got the right path of his life, he used to sell books everyday and spend the night He used to read those books, because of which he had found the right path for himself. He could do his life well he had worked hard and he was also preparing for some exam. At first he was earning all the knowledge when he saw that he had got to learn a lot.

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After that he went to give examination for the first time, first he did not get the exam, but he thought that he could do it, so he went all the hard work next time, this time he had removed the exam when he passed the exam Had done well then he did not even know what he could do, he used to work in the bookstore, that came from such talent in him.

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It was only after a few days that the result had come to him that he had got a government job where he was not getting any work. He had got the job today. He did this work very hard to study his mind. I used to think but I did not get much time ago when she came to this place where there was a lot of books which came every day in her contact with whom she had done a lot, when she had got a job, her house After that everyone told everyone and all were very happy, because they felt that their life was going to waste, but it was not so.

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When we do something with our hard work, we get success, but we should be interested in it only then this work can be done. Just a lot of time best moral stories may 2019, If you like it, then share it further and comment,

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