Winter was getting cold small story in english

Winter was getting cold small story in english

Winter was getting cold small story in english, Cold air was blowing all day long, this was very cold in the air, the weather was January, this season was very cold, nothing was seen as the fog was also visible along I thought it was very cold that day,

Winter was getting cold small story in english

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Winter was getting cold small story in english

morning was the weather, but few were seen outside, some people were sitting on fire burning, nothing to escape from the cold Could have done, whatever could He was doing it, On that day I had to bring some goods from the market, but I did not want to go out when it was too cold, my friend’s phone had come, he wanted to come to me, maybe he had work, so I also told him that Come on, after that I also have to go, after some time he had come, he said that he is seen very cold outside, because he was very cold, after that we talked for some time and together The tea was also drunk,

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After that I had to go out. My friend also started to say that he used to walk together, so both of us were walking along with the market, our market was at some distance but cold was very much, and only a few shops were open We had not paid much attention because as the shop was open, we had to carry things with them. If we thought about all the shops, it would have happened that we used to get more time, So we went to the market to pick up all the things that we had to buy, after some time we bought the goods when both of us were coming back, there was a lot of hut on the way, because they lived there. Who used to work here He knows how to escape from the cold because he would be very cold in the cold, but nothing could be done, he has to stay here, he has to face the difficulties, but my friend began to say Let’s also help some of them,

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My friend also knows that these people help in building our house, if these people do not work then we never benefit, and how difficult it is to spend their lives here, if we help them So you have to do something which can be beneficial for them, if this happens then maybe they can get help today. It is very cold. We can do this, that can bring some warm clothes for them so that they Prevent the field, maybe I’m feeling fine about his friend, But we can not bring so many things, we can bring some clothes here, which can be good for some, thinking like this, we went home. My friend started saying that I would go home and get some clothes from there. I used to meet here some time after which we could go there together, both of us went to our house thinking, go home and see some clothes that they could get used to, they were dressed and come to the same place. Had gone,

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My friend did not come now, after some time he had also come, when we both went to him together, he started looking at what we were giving, while many people lived there, so everyone could get it We had kept this thing in mind, we had given the clothes by calling everyone, as much as we had clothes, we had given them all, so that we could not understand the fact that they could be saved from the cold, but The friend knew this, We should help him when he said this, even in our minds it was said that before we had not thought much or why we had not first thought about it, but when the thought came, then no matter We had done that job well, we were coming home because we were both together then my friend took his home when we reached his house, then his father said that you have done a good job today when this clothes It did indicate that I did not believe doing good work,

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But now we have come to know that both of you have done a good job, always doing good work in life. It is very important that we do our work even if we are able to do good work together, then it is even better, Therefore, in our life, there should be such a work with which all can be benefitted, because everybody in life thinks for themselves, but whoever thinks of others is the best,

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You are going in the road, if you have a hungry man, then you can feed you, it will also get rid of your hunger, and believe that you will feel better, if you cannot believe then do you see After that, you will know, maybe we had understood their point. Today, we both will be doing well, Winter was getting cold small story in english, if you liked this story, then you can share,

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