Motivational stories of a good service 2019

Motivational stories of a good service 2019

Motivational stories of a good service 2019, When a sadhu ji was going to the village, his eyes were on a goat’s child, he suddenly fell into the water. Sadhu ji seemed very strange, he removed the goat’s child and started going to the village only The goat whose goat came to the sadhu ji and said that you have done a great job, the baby of my goat was not found. You removed him from the water.

Motivational stories of a good service 2019

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Motivational stories of a good service 2019

The man was saved, the sadhu said that he should have taken care of you, if he could not see me, he could have drowned, that man asked for a blame for his mistake, and then the sadhu had gone ahead,  sadhu  was looking a little thirsty but she could not see any water, Then his eyes were opened to his house, his door was open, the sadhu ji heard the voice near the house, then a man came out and said what you want, Sadhu ji said that he is very thirsty, can get some water, he The man said that he is right now, he went in and told his wife that somebody is demanding water standing outside, did not know, came by saying, come to disturb us.

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Only then did the man mixed a lot of salt in that water, he knew that this water would not be drunk from him, when the man came with water and started telling the sadhu ji that you drink water, the monk was drinking that water, he The man was watching and seeing the sadhu ji as he felt that he was not able to drink water, even though the sadhu was drinking it, After that Sadhu ji thanked him and started visiting him, that man had started to suffer a lot, that man was thinking that the water which he gave to Sadhu ji was coming from his mouth, and He was getting very nervous, the man had now understood everything, he was holding the feet of the sadhu ji, and was demanding a shadow for his mistake,

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Then the sadhu ji picked it up and said that you should not do it but you should serve the elderly, Sadhu Maharaj said that as we do for others, we feel like that after that Sadhu ji It was right, we should never get any damage in life, but should serve all, only then our life is successful,

Second Motivational stories 

The farmer suddenly fell ill and he called his boy and said that from today you will have to take care of my farming because my health is not good and if you do not cultivate then we will have a great loss, gone

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Only then did he see that the weather was getting very bad, it started raining very fast, he sat in a place to avoid the rain and waited for the rain to stop but the rain was constantly increasing due to which it was having trouble and that rain When the house came to the house due to not stopped, the farmer asked if the whole work was done in today’s farming, the boy said that the rain was not stopped today and I could not do anything today


The farmer said that no matter tomorrow you will definitely have to go. The next day the farmer’s boy went to farming, that day there was very strong sunlight and he was unable to do anything due to sunlight. Now he is thinking that sometimes it rains, there is a very strong sunshine. My desire is not being fulfilled at all and due to sunlight, he did not do any work and came back home.

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The farmer said that the farmer said today that the farmer said today that even today I could not cultivate because there was very heavy sunlight, the farmer called the boy to him and said that this is the struggle if we forget our struggle, the life you will never be able to do anything in the rain. You could not do anything in the rain but due to sunlight you came home, you have not done any work even though you do not want to fight in life. A. If the conflict is not a task cannot be completed and therefore should never be afraid of conflict and tells us to concentrate on our work if we value our own work and struggle will proceed in life.


Third Motivational stories 

A boy lived in a village. He had a little farming. He used to go out in the morning to do his farming. That boy was very hard working. One day the boy was farming, only when he saw a pigeon on a tree His eyes were sitting on him because he could not understand that the pigeon of silver is in the world today.


The pigeon went to the tree to see it from the nearby and saw that a pigeon of silver was sitting before it was caught before the pigeon was caught when it came to his house in the evening and told this to everyone but nobody Even the person did not believe in the matter because no one had seen the silver pigeon till today, the boy was telling his family until I come to him, I have no faith in my point of view. Will do

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In the next morning, he took some luggage and went towards the farm because if he sees a dove today, he will catch him and bring him home. The boy approached that tree, then a silver egg was placed near that tree, he raised the egg He looked and saw that it was silver egg so that boy was thinking that this means that both pigeons and pigeons live here, only then his eyes were seen on a slit. There was a silver egg placed in it


The boy was greedy, he thought that if I would catch these two people and take him home then I would definitely get silver eggs everyday, so he started waiting for them and hiding under the tree as soon as the pigeons and pigeons arrived and Sitting on the nest, he started throwing a trap to catch them.

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As soon as he threw the trap, the pigeon and the pigeon cut the trap and flew away from there, the boy started waiting for him every day, but he had never returned and the boy thought that if I had not greed Today I have lots of silver eggs and I become rich because I have lost my greed and I have never lost my greed in life. If you have liked these three motivational stories, then share it.

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