We will definitely meet motivational stories

We will definitely meet motivational stories

We will definitely meet motivational stories, I should go to him soon, if he is late, he will go out of that place, and I will never be able to meet him, his friend was angry, he would not talk to him, thinking that I am my friend Because the friend was very angry with her, since today she will never get to me,

We will definitely meet motivational stories

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We will definitely meet motivational stories

He had studied together and now his studies had been completed, due to which he would have to go to his house now, but for some reason there was a feud between them due to which he got angry with us and said, I will not talk to you anymore, by saying this, he went away, when he came home, he started thinking that I should not have fought, because he would never come back again, in this way our friendship would also be broken Minister, was thinking all these things going to meet him,

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So I should hurry if she left the city, I would never be able to meet again, I came out far enough to find her, but I could not see it, I do not know where she is at , But as long as I am here, I have to find him if he gets it, then he will have to apologize, because we both have spent a lot of time together, both of us have studied together for a long time, and one thing Angry at If  is not a good thing,

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So, thinking about all these things, was searching for him, but was not seen anywhere, then my eyes went to a seat, someone was sitting on it, but his face was not visible to me, when he went to him So he is my friend, who was sitting still, seeing that he was still angry with me, because he was not talking when he told him that you should leave your resentment, because you are going from here Yes and again Do not know when we will meet, forget about all the things that happened between us, and talk to me, he started saying, ‘Okay,

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I forget all things but you also have to remember one thing that if you ever feel like you have to meet me, then you can come, we both are friends for a long time and for a long time we will stay together, I know this thing, but I did not like your talk, because of that I had come from there, for that matter, I have already apologized, perhaps because of that he has forgiven me too and She Sitting for a while and we both kept talking.

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I know that we both are very good friends, because we have spent many years together, and it seems that maybe there will be no one like us, we would sometimes get annoyed with each other, but then talk We used to know that, we both are good friends, but the time has come that now his studies have been completed, and he can not stay here because he is far away From here Staying was doing my studies, I did not feel good to him, because we had spent quite a year, and this way he was going, which is quite sad because,

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He was probably feeling that he should not go, but what he could do here, because he was staying away from his parents studying here, and now studies have been completed, only then he said That when I will get married I will call you, remember that you have to come, you heard laughing at her words, but perhaps it was true that when she got married she would have to come also, some friends too a They are always there and they always remember, as long as they live together, they do not realize their being,

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 But when they go away, we are very sad, maybe the same misery was still happening, but it could not have any treatment, we know that we will have to separate from each other, so friends If you are a good friend, you should also play it well, you should not leave your friend in the middle, because some friends are like those who remember life and remember their stories always

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After some time he had gone, then he would not be seen in a hurry. We knew this thing, after going away, it seemed that someone was probably, whose memory is still coming, he forgets forgotten, this thing It has been a lot of time but he still remembers, wants to meet him, but does not get the time yet, but after some time we will definitely meet. We will definitely meet motivational stories, We know that if you liked the story of friendship then the share must do.

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