My past moments story book in english june 2019

My past moments story book in english june 2019

My past moments story book in english june 2019, Seeing this, he began to remember everything about his old past, it seemed like a moment that he had reached in the last days when he used to teach in his college and called his friend in and said that you were here after many years How come I have come here, I do not understand anything because you did not even see the way here, she said that my husband has started working on this. Now we will stay here and you I got the address from some other friend who has stayed here,

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My past moments story book in english june 2019

listening to this, she started saying, ‘Well, you are talking about her. She has just left from here. She used to come to us very much to sit my friend.’ And she says that after hearing many more years after coming here I saw you before marriage, after that there was no meeting anywhere in the middle, she said that everything is going well. I thought that you are here.  would therefore meet was coming was because I feel that maybe it’s time to cut will be too heavy

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Listening to her friend, she says that even in the last few days, I remember well that she used to be very good on college, all of us used to mix and study, along with good time passed but nowadays There is no reason to be good at any of the time because the whole day goes out in the work itself and this day also goes without consideration, whereas the past which has passed ours is very good now. She can not come, but her memories still come to her only when her friend started saying that I do not know who has got married with you.

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Your wedding card got very long afterwards, so I could not find it and when I reached home Until that date had passed, we were not able to come to your marriage. After listening to it, she listens to a little quiet, maybe her life is not going well, but her friend says I do not know what is happening in your life that looks sad on your face. She says that leave these things, I bring tea for you and you come here after many years Yes, we will talk well after that. You sit for a while. I go to tea for you.

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After some time tea is made by making tea and both of them start drinking tea, her friend asks that I feel that nothing is going well in your life so that your problem is visible to me because we People had almost forgotten on college, but you still remember that day on college. This means that whatever time you have spent in the old days, you were feeling good like this. That is it you mean missing the old days that you can not get happiness in today’s days he does not seem to say that any means now all these things

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The time has passed. It can not be returned to that time. It was our past, so we can not get the same happiness again in that past. I have to move on. That is why I have to pay attention to this life after that both of us are drinking tea. Some talk about their life; Some talk about happiness in it, so that some time will pass. No one can see that there are problems in life after many years They get old memories, they will refresh themselves, they will also talk together that they have never been told to them, it was a long time talking to them and only then her husband comes home, she sees her husband and Gets a little nervous

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Her husband says who is who then she tells that this is my old friend who came to meet me, her husband goes in and calls his wife and says that you should have knowledge of that I like to come to someone You do not know this thing well, but you always deny this thing. His friend listens to everything but keeps silent only when he comes to his friend and wants to talk. She is only then she says that I feel that your life is not going well. The pain in your life is very much and the happiness is very less like this, then your health will not be good too and you will always face trouble, She says that she has not done anything good in this life. Now I have to live this life now. I do not have to think about it that it is good or bad. Just keep moving forward. I used to spend my time yesterday very much but now it can not be returned to me. I understand that people are happy to see me because you have read with me so I like you, you are here I came very glad to come here after that her friend goes away

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He knows that his problems can not be reduced. There are many things in life that can be happy by remembering, and there are some things which are good to forget, perhaps by changing our life, My past moments story book in english june 2019, If you liked this story then you can share it even further.

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