our responsibility short stories in english 2019

our responsibility short stories in english 2019

our responsibility short stories in english 2019, He used to think his father would have used to think that my father’s health suddenly got spoiled. Now the boy felt that all the responsibilities are coming on him because Dad’s health suddenly got spoiled and mother The trouble is that she is not able to do anything, and the boy started worrying about the fact that Dad used to work in the place where he had reached the place to work because As long as Dad’s health was not good till then he could do the work.

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our responsibility short stories in english 2019

His father was working at a Seth here. Seth was a very good man, he used to give a very good money to his father but his health had worsened. For this reason the boy had come to work there when Seth saw that a boy came to work, he knew the boy that he was his boy. But why he is not coming today, the boy said that father’s health has worsened, so I have come to work. I do not want that your work should stop because of my father. After hearing this, Seth was very happy and started saying That you seem very diligent because you have come to work in your father’s place. It is a very good thing. After that the boy asked that you should tell me whatever the father used to do in that work.  Seth said that he is working in my farm,

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so you also have to work in my farm because all my work was handling the same. Seth took the boy to the farm and explained the whole work, after that Seth came back to his house and The boy working in his farm was very hard working, he was doing all the work of Seth very well when Seth came to the farm on the evening and saw that the boy completed a lot of work. Seeing the boy’s hard Seth said it was like my dad is a hard worker, he also worked very hard and very much like to work me why Seth said that you will find very good progress in life

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Because you work hard, people who work harder, they are definitely successful in life. This was the address of Seth. The boy started saying, I do not know this thing. I know that I can hard work as much as I can. So I have come to work in their place. After that Seth said that it has happened in the evening. Now you should go home, after that the boy went to his house and Seth gave him some money. Minister has made him a little as not to face the hassle out of money at home and he funds his Papa said Seth today’s wages gave you it will keep you handle

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Because this is the result of your hard work. The boy said that I do not care about this unless you are okay. I will go to work every day and you do not have to worry. I will gradually all your problems After some time, the boy took all the work of Dad, he had learned to work only at a young age, because his father suddenly fell ill, due to which he had to work. She had to say that she went to the farm of Seth everyday and started working, Seth also became happy with her work and used to give her a little bit of money every day so that her father would recover soon and the boy would have trouble Do not face

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After some time the boy’s father was healed now he could go to work but the boy said that now you should relax. I have learned to work. You should rest more if you do not rest then you will get sick again. Dad said that till I was ill you served me and I do not want you to face trouble so I go to work. You are resting, doing both of these things. Said Seth his words were heard Seth also that you are both very good things your child is very diligent I saw this work was done very well, which is why I was very pleased

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I feel that it can do a lot in life, if it does not stop working, the boy’s father said that I just want to sit comfortably and relax but it is insisting that at work Will tell you that you should rest. Seth said that your boy is very hard, you should understand that if he wants to work hard, then it should be hard to make life better and better.

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I would only want this boy to do his work which can be successful in making his life, listening to Seth, Dad even thought that Seth was right, so he sent his boy to work, in this way he thought that If the boy worked hard then he could do a lot after that day that Seth had given the job to the boy and gave his father another job because of which both of them were working in any trouble in life. Programming can be overcome, but we have to come together to compete, our responsibility short stories in english 2019, If you liked this story then you can share it even further.


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