Make life better short stories in english

Make life better short stories in english

Make life better short stories in english, This is the story of a man, he used to go to the bank of the river every day, he used to go to that place, because he had been disturbed by everyday life, he used to sell vegetables but his work was not good It was running,

Make life better short stories in english

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Make life better short stories in english

He was running his house by selling fresh vegetables, but he did not have much farming, he would have been able to grow very little in that place, He was passing through trouble every day, only then his neighbor came and explained to him that you have to work very hard to do good, only then you will be able to achieve some life, he was doing so much, but nothing is achieved. He was not farming much, he could not do much in that, so he used to think that he would come to the bank of the river, and he would sit and think,

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One day, he was thinking of sitting on the banks of the river only when he saw that a fish was trapped in the trap, he was trying hard to get out, but he could not get out, once he felt that he had been trapped by that trap. He was sitting on the other but thinking he was thinking, he was trying very hard, the fish was constantly trying, he continued to see him and after some time he himself had left the trap,

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Seeing her coming out, she was very crippled and had moved on to her house. She was seeing Kush today, but as soon as she reached home, the same thing started coming to her mind again, she started thinking about her work again. He was a very good vegetable, he always kept fresh, but he was not getting good prices here too and he did not have enough vegetables that he could earn well every day, nothing could be understood.

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Only then did the man go to the market to pick up some stuff, then he had found an old friend in the market and he told that whatever your problem may be going away in a while, but the man started thinking about how it could be. Is because he tried so much but nothing was done, He told that if you sell your vegetables here, it will be very good because your vegetables are very fresh and you will get good prices here. You do not have to worry. But it will be a little difficult to come here every day, only then The man said that what is difficult is that he comes every day, we cannot run away from him, if my work goes well then it will be very good,

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The next morning the man had to walk to the city to sell his vegetables, it was taking an hour to reach the city, he was also tired, he was constantly walking the city, he knew that no one else There is no way, therefore, he has to do this work, the man seemed very hard, because he was so tired even after walking away and even after doing his work Today, he had earned a lot of good till the evening. His vegetables were looking really fresh because of which everyone was ready to take it because he used to take fresh vegetables every day. He was very happy today, when he got in the evening, He started coming back home, there was no trouble on his face today, due to that happiness, he also forgot that he had walked a lot today,

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He was suffering from pain due to traveling too far, but the pain was nothing beyond that happiness, because of which he used to harass every day, his troubles had diminished, his wife also looked good now It was because he could have lived a good life now, tonight he slept very well, even in the next morning he got up early and went to his work, When he reached the city, he had got good money even today, he did not like his work from today, but he was now feeling that now he will increase this work further, in the evening when he was coming home only today It was too late because he came from a distance, only then he used to go through the jungles of the forest which was a very short route, at that place some thieves had also met

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He was very afraid of seeing the thieves, he wanted to take his money from him, but he did not have the option to give it. He said that very hardly he has earned it after walking in the sun, and if you take him then I will have a lot of trouble but someone Even then he was not accepting his talk. Only then did the lion come in that forest, seeing them all, he ran to them and all the thieves had escaped from there,

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In this way the man was saved from the thieves and went away from him, if a true person performs his hard work and he gets the result of that hard work, no one can take the fruits of his hard work, so God also helps him who Work hard and raise trouble so that you should also do your hard work and make your life good. Make life better short stories in english, If you want more similar stories, then you can write us in the comment box.

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