What’s the right way short stories with moral

What’s the right way short stories with moral

What’s the right way short stories with moral, Some of the disciples were studying with a sadhu Maharaj while taking a scholar and then he started taking a disciple from the disciple and asking Sadhu Maharaj about what work should be done in our life, so that our life can be succeeded by the sadhu Maharaj. Smiled and said that I will give you the answer tomorrow.

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What’s the right way short stories with moral

In the morning, when Sadhu Maharaj was going to a village with his disciples, then when he said to his disciples that you should go from house to house and ask for begging and when you get Bhikshha, you have to come under the tree When all the disciples went out to seek alms, some disciple got something and another person got something to eat and after collecting all that, Sadhu Maharaj Meet.


When Sadhu Maharaj asked all the disciples that all the people have come with alms, then all the disciples said that all of us are present here, only then Sadhu Maharaj said that yesterday someone had asked me a question that we had such a question in life What work should be done to make our life successful, after listening to the sadhu Maharaj, the disciple got up and started saying that Sadhu Maharaj had asked me a question

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Then Sadhu Maharaj said that today all of you were coming to the village to ask for begging. Someone may have given alms to their mind too and no one has ever given a beggar in their mind that all of you know the thing in your mind We have to give Bhiksha to work in our life according to the same


Let us do the same thing in our life so that everyone will be happy and they also do it with their will when you do this work, in the right way, you will be able to move forward in order to succeed in that life. Therefore, continuing to do good work in our life is the success of our lives. All the disciple agreed to listen to the sadhu Maharaj and we should do good work in our life so that everyone can get happiness.


Help in life short stories with moral

Today was the last day of college all the boys were ready to go home when all the boys came out of college, they saw a beggar standing, some boys ignored seeing him and two of them went to him and started saying, Here’s what we’ve never seen before


The beggar said that I beg for begging and today I have come towards here, give me something to eat, I am very hungry and my health is also bad. One of them said that we should not pay attention to them by our work. Should mean and now it’s going to be late. We should walk in our house. The second boy said that we should help it, its health is really bad and we should give some food

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But his friend was not ready to admit this thing, he started saying that if you have something to give then give it to me. I do not have anything because this beggar is so many where we will be able to give that beggar said that I am very hungry I have not eaten anything for 2 days, his friend gave him some money and helped him and walked forward


Only then did his friend ask that you should not have done this, what would it benefit from helping him, only when his friend said that every work should be done for the benefit. It is not necessary that we should do the same thing in our life which would not benefit us. If we look at the benefits of all the work, then no work will be successful in life.

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We may need to help others that one day you also need help and if no one does help you then how will you feel then listening to her talk, her friend became embarrassed, thinking that my friend is right, if we If we do not get any help when needed, then what will happen to us, so friends should help everyone in life, with the help of one you can succeed someone’s life.

Can be won by courage short stories with moral

this thing is very old, when there was a sudden flood in the village, water was visible only around the water, all the houses were seen flowing inside the water, the water was growing in the village at its full speed because the village A river flows near which suddenly the floods came and all the water started flowing in the village.


This water also ruined some of the village’s fields. Every man was trying to save himself, but the rain was also continuing and the water of the river was also growing, there was no way to stop it. Somehow the rain stopped, only then can we repair them in some of their homes, The sky was covered with black clouds and the rain was not taking the name of it. All the people took great courage but to some extent they were able to save the same as their homes, all the days passed by rain and the river water was complete It was filled in the village in the way the next morning with the new ray of the morning all the people watched the morning

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The sun came out, the rain had stopped, but the water had not yet come out of the village. The villagers tried their best to get out of the water and in their many days passed hunger and thirst, all the people were sad because food Things were wasted, but no man had lost his courage. After all, water came out after 1 week and the people of the village together made their village well Tried area,


Fighting fights used to be in the village, but with the coming of this problem all the people were working together, they also forgot that some of us had a fight because they had to deal with the problem which was the nature, whenever anyone If such a problem comes then all the people work together and in this way they have shown that we are all in trouble.

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Moral story, because man only helps human beings and helps in difficulties. We should never have courage in life if we lose courage, then we will not be able to do anything, for the time being, the trouble will be for some time and if we If they face them, then the problems also get away, so keep up the courage in life and move forward.

Our good task short stories with moral

a man was very poor, he was working only through hard work, but after working hard, he could get only a little food because he was able to spend as much as he could. One day when he was doing the wages, a Seth came to him and started saying that keep my luggage in my car.


The poor man went to keep his luggage in the car, then he saw that the bag kept in the car was trying to escape from a thief and that poor man caught hold of it and started saying that Seth was running a thief with your bag Seth came to the poor man and saw that he was holding the thief, Seth took his bag from that thief and the thief ran away from there.

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Seth began to speak to the poor man that you saved me from a lot of loss today. You are a very industrious and honest person. You can ask for whatever you want. The poor man said that I do not want anything through my hard work. If there was another man in my place then he does the same too, so I too did what every man can do.


Seth listened to him and he began to say that you will not be wage here after today, you will work here. I will give you good wages and I will give good food to you, listening to Seth, the poor man was a little happy because maybe he is good After that day, the man worked near Seth and stayed with Seth

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one of our good works which can bring many happiness to us, should always keep up the good work in life. I do not know which harvest of which work will you get when you do not want to do anything by doing the will of the fruit, Work should be done because good work results from good work. Four Best short stories with moral, If you liked all this story then share it.

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