New pathway moral short stories in english

New pathway moral short stories in english

New pathway moral short stories in english, He was not getting any floor, he was constantly trying but he could not reach his destination. He had just started a new job but was thinking very well to get success in it.

New pathway moral short stories in english

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New pathway moral short stories in english

because it wanted to His work would be festooned very soon and he could reach success, but despite trying too much he could not find his destination, he could not understand anything, that he could go to his destination. Why can not reach, He is working hard but his hard work is going to waste, he did not know what he thought about his work, because whenever I started some new work he wanted to get success in it very soon but getting success in a lot It is very difficult that he started this work almost a year ago and there was no achievement in it before that he had left three assignments before doing all these work And in leaving he had spent almost 6 years

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After this there was no such success, then I started thinking that I have not been able to get my destination like this, the idea was going on in her mind after that I went to my friend. He had met him for a long time, went to him and started asking him to tell me some way so that I could get success, I did a lot of work but I could not understand anything. That said I should do his friends that the first you will find it very quick success this idea should be taken out of your mind

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Because it takes many years to succeed. The second thing is that you have to think about what you have to do in your life, if you think about any work, then you should do it by mind, because it happens that whenever Humans do such a thing in which they do not have a mind, then they can never succeed in that work, no matter how much effort will be taken by us That work will not be done at all from us. Even before you have left a lot of work, you should have thought that you had to start the work that would come very well and that would have a very good interest in you if you were the first If you do the work according to your own interests then that work will surely succeed and you also do not think so at all.

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But you did a lot of work in which you were not interested and after that you have failed in it. You found that you have been ruined in the last several years. I have made a very big mistake that I was not interested in the work I started and I used to leave it by doing things which I have never been able to read in my life, Said appropriate that you I was doing very well try to explain because I constantly that the way I managed was to get nothing at all and I was consistently the same and increase

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I did not do the work I was interested in, but I used to do other things because I thought that I would get success so that I thought it was absolutely wrong that I do not always get success in success. I need some time as if I can achieve success, I was having my heart to meet you and I came to meet you and after finding me I came to know what direction I have to work on I had explained to me very well if I had already come to you, I would have known this thing before, but her friend said that you should not think like this if you have already started your work in which you are interested So you succeed and you get rid of this problem.

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 So, he went back home to meet his friend and did the same thing according to his interest, which he liked very much and after 3 years of hard work succeeded in his work, he was now feeling that he was always behind in life. It will not always go ahead and will never be disappointed. Friends, if you are thinking about which work you want to start then you should first see it. You are interested in what work you are very interested in, because when a person works for his favorite then he succeeds,

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but if he starts a work without any choice, then he is constantly failing, so that he will have trouble in life It can only be confronted in these stories that we should never be disappointed in life, we should constantly move forward in life and move us in the right direction Education must if you choose the wrong direction,

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it must be very difficult, so you should proceed with hearing the right direction so that you may be successful in life and you do not face any trouble. New pathway moral short stories in english, If you want more similar stories, then you can write us in the comment box.

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