Two novel based on love story june 2019

Two novel based on love story june 2019

Two novel based on love story june 2019, Rohan used to go to his office at that time, Rohan used to take bus for his office every morning, in the same bus, Rohan was a girl who probably used to work in another place, often used to get it, Rohan did not know who he was Yes, because Rohan just used to go from there, he used to sit in the bus from that place, and after the two stops, that girl used to climb on that bus, she used to see him almost every day

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Two novel based on love story june 2019

There was a very raining rain, Rohan was sitting in his bus, the rain was getting very fast, the road was full of water, today there was not much crowd in the bus; it was only on a few distances that suddenly Due to the same water was filled, the bus was now closed, now a few people were sitting in the bus, now sitting in that bus would not be anything, thinking that Rohan had landed off the bus,

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The girl had also come down from the bus, Rohan thought that she wanted to be told that she wanted to be called, but Rohan remained quiet because he did not even know her, and maybe she might be annoyed by asking her, so Rohan further The girl had also gone to her office, Rohan also knows that the girl had seen her many times, because it is not a matter of two days, but Rohan has been traveling for a year on that bus. Was

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Rohan came to his house and started thinking about him, for the marriage of Rohan’s parents, Rohan was searching for a girl, it was too time for Rohan to see the girl, but no matter what was happening It was a day’s talk that Roham’s holiday was on that day, Rohan’s father said that some people would come to see Rohan today, all preparations were going on in the house, those who were about to visit Rohan, Rohan’s father Were friends, who lived in the same city Went,


Now those people had come to see Rohan, Rohan liked them, they went with the picture of Rohan, as it has come to date, Rohan did not see the girl, now Rohan think of that girl There was no use of it, now there was no use to talk to the girl, the next day she was on the bus, that girl had also climbed on the bus now,

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Rohan looked at the girl, but what would be the advantage of seeing the girl, but this time when the girl came in the bus, she had come to Rohan, after coming near, she asked Rohan that you see me every day, Rohan When he listened to this, he began to say that there is no such thing, the girl said that I have to meet you, Rohan had refused, the girl said that if you do not come, then I will tell everyone in this matter You see me every day, now rohan Minister had rate,

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Rohan came to meet the girl, both of them talked about coffee, and Rohan told that she is going to get married, Rohan asked the girl who she is, Rohan said that I have not seen the seeds yet, that girl The girl took out the picture of her bag and asked if this girl is going to get married, that girl and nobody was sitting in front of her, Rohan said that you are, I did not know, after that both of them Was married, A good love story, but this does not happen every time,


Two novel based on love story june 2019

This is a true story, the story of a girl who was very smart in reading, everyone knew her name in her entire class, even so there was no teacher who did not know her name. To serve the poor, giving food to someone hungry, he had many such qualities in this girl, who is hardly anyone, got out of his village and came to the city to read it,


There was no facility to read further in the village, so she had to come to the city with a lot of energy, she did not know anyone in the city, she rented a room, in the house she lived, in that house The owner of the house and the mistress also used to live, the girl did not consider herself alone, she would always go to the park in the evening to spend the entire day’s fatness in the park,

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He had no age at that age, a boy used to come in the same park, he used to see him every day, the girl had never noticed this, so he did not know that a boy He has been seeing him since a very long time, the girl used to go from the park only after a while, as he had to make food, and had to pay attention to his studies too, One day, when the girl had gone to the park, she saw that a boy was watching her and now, that girl had gone away from her, she thought it was not right that no one saw her when the girl came to her house It was only when the boy came back, the girl was feeling scared now, because the boy is following her, the girl came to her house and went to the room,


The girl saw from the room that the boy stood down, now she was scared, why is she pursuing him, after some time the boy went away, when the girl saw that she has gone, then now she The girl got a little comfort, the girl made a meal and after eating the meal she went to school the next day, when she was in the evening, she did not go to the park this time, she thought that the boy might be there maybe there, After a while, the girl saw in the window that the boy stood down, now she could not understand, because she did not even know him, and why that boy is doing this, now the girl thought that by going to the park yesterday He will talk to the boy, the next day when he came from school, he thought he had to go to the park today, but he would not go alone, so he had called a friend from his school,

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When the girl went to the park, her friend was standing far away, if the boy did something then his friend could call anyone, when the girl was sitting in the park, then the boy stood far away, this time the boys also know It was gone that the girl knows that she sees her, the boy was coming to the girl, the girl also noticed that the boy is coming,The boy came to the girl and said that I have been watching you for a long time, but I did not have the courage to talk to you, you are talking to me in not understanding me wrong, you are thinking that you Any other thing, it is not so, in every day you were looking at that, talk to you, the girl said that I know it,

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The boy said that you do not know that when you came into the park a few days ago, your ankle fell on that day, and in everyday it thought how to give it to you, so why did you follow behind But I did not have the courage, now the girl had come to understand what is the matter, friendship started in both of these ways. Now that girl was not alone on her, maybe she had found a good friend,

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