My incomplete love stories june 2019

My incomplete love stories june 2019

My incomplete love stories june 2019, Why do not you understand why I am not talking to you? I love her so much that you are asking me to forget this thing I am not feeling good. You should pay attention to this fact that when I love her then how can I forget her.

My incomplete love stories june 2019

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My incomplete love stories june 2019

I know that you are feeling bad for me because I am asking for forgiveness but truth is that now nothing can be done except if you cannot forget it, then you can put your life in trouble. Because as far as I know that girl does not want to meet you, I do not know why she does not want to meet you, but now you should pay attention to this that you now have to Meet would leave I knew this thing know that you love her but I’m not that girl’s in love with you or not


Because you are not ready to meet you yesterday. When you went to meet, she had refused to meet you. I do not understand this thing at all. Do you know about this, Amit said that I I do not know at all about why he does not want to meet me, I also asked him but he refused to tell, but I love him very much because I meet him I try again and again, I want to know also why he does not want to meet me, While this is not a good thing when we both love it, it should think about it, then her friend said that she too loves you. She told you that she loves you, then Amit said that she never told me But I think that he loves me when his friend said that he is not at all exactly as long as he does not say this thing, how do you reach the conclusion that you Sektor love I do not think so friends said that so do not get why you this is what


As long as you do not ask that thing, we can not go ahead in life Amit’s friend said that you have to meet him, you will have to talk together until the whole thing gets done, no result should be reached We cheat many times that we get to the conclusions but in truth we can never know what is going on till you talk in your mind, you can not say anything. Te and you have reached the conclusion that the best thing you will have to meet him and ask the whole thing, Amit’s friend felt that he probably did not even love Amit, so Amit was saying that you have to talk together and find out the truth that you have to become something in life and move on and if you have all these If you pay attention to things, you will not be able to read in life any more, you know very well. Amit considers his friend and goes to talk to the girl because now it has become very important that she loves the girl or not, if she does not love then Amit is talking about this Will not wait for the girl, she did not get out of college now,


When he got out of college, he went to him and started trying to talk, after Amit asked whether you loved me because I love you so much that the girl refuses, she says that I love you I do not do it because I do not have time for all these things. Why do you come after me repeatedly? You should not think of this thing when Amit listened to his words, his friend It was missing came said her friend that first you should know should reach after results


While I was unintentional, when Amit heard from that girl, Amit went back and went to meet his friend, when he went to his friend, he told that the girl doesn’t love me and says That should not come back to me repeatedly, only then his friend said that I had told you earlier that unless you know the truth, you should not go to any conclusion, but you I was not listening because I was saying that you should forget him because I think that girl does not love you. Amit said that you are telling the truth when I asked him if you love me, then he Refused and now I cannot ¬†think of it at all and will find a new way to move forward in my life.


Amit will never pay attention to all these things. After that Amit never tried to meet him. He knew that he loved him much but that girl does not love him Amit never came in his way knowing Amit It was perhaps that love is not in his destiny in life, that is why this girl had refused him, My incomplete love stories june 2019, If you liked this story, then share it.

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