Love was not seen love stories to read

Love was not seen, love stories to read

Love was not seen love stories to read, When he first saw Megha, Megha was a very nice girl. He used to help everyone and he used to study in class X. He believed that if we can help everyone in life then this can reduce the problems in life, so Megha’s mind always helps others.

Love was not seen, love stories to read

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Love was not seen, love stories to read

He used to keep doing that whenever he came home from school, if someone needed anything, he would have fulfilled his need. Megha’s idea was very good, the boy named Rakesh in the class of Megha He used to read that Rakesh’s mind seemed to be less in studies. He believed that if we pass, then he is very good.

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But since he had seen Megha, he used to think about Megha and tried to talk to him whenever Rakesh used to talk to Megha, Megha did not like to talk because he did not like it all. It seemed as if a boy talks to a girl whenever Rakesh refused to let Megha Rakesh get angry, but what can he do, because when Megha does not want to talk, then she is nothing.

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So he goes back, but Rakesh always tries to talk to him. One day the school was discharged. All the boys and girls were going home and Megha was going to their house only when Megha saw that an old water Megha is looking for that she is looking for old water, so I should help her. She took out the bottle from her bag and gave the water to the well, the elderly drank the water and said that In very good girl

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Megha said that if I was thirsty then definitely someone would give me the water and I did the same. It does not need to be complimented in it. Rakesh was standing away watching Rakesh’s mind too much towards Megha. It was because he had started to love her but Megha was not ready for this thing because she did not like it all. Rakesh noticed that Megha is going home and that too her p Six backwards, Rakeesh was going behind megha, Megha did not know about it at all, when Megha reached a certain distance of the house

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Then Rakesh came closer to him and said, ‘Wait, I have to talk to you.’ Megha looked back and saw Rakesh standing in front of Rakesh, Megha saw that you do not have any other work which you are following me while this It is not a good thing Rakesh said that I love you because I am following you, Megha said that I had told you earlier that I do not like it so that you  things do not do so well

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Rakesh said that I like to talk to you so why don’t you like to talk to me when you want to talk to me while you should talk to me. I have said many times that I love you but you Not one thing Megha said that I told you earlier that I do not like it and why do you always pursue me? It should be noted that you do not study at all I know class if it was not anything when the class teacher, who did question you had not given any answer and you kill it

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While this is not a good thing, your mind is not in studying at all and you like to do such things. Rakesh knew that his mind does not seem to be studying whenever it is a matter of study, he starts seeing another and when Megha Megha started going back to her own words, Megha started going towards her house and started thinking that whenever it comes to studies, it starts going on the other side, that means her mind is studying at all The o and the other things that the mind is very much shows

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Examinations of class X will start only after a few days and it does not come to me. It seems to me that it will never be able to do anything in life. After few days, the examinations of tenth start and all children pay attention to their studies. Let’s start Rakesh was also doing his studies now, neither Megha wants to talk about it nor did he want to talk about it because it was revealed that studies are very important, probably many things in Megha Had understood and was paying attention to his studies

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He felt that if I did good studies, perhaps Megha could pay attention to me, but till I read it, he would not meditate till the time had passed and gradually Rakesh was completing his studies and some The result was coming soon after this time. Rakesh was able to get away from the good number but it was passed but Megha had passed a very good number because he thought it was And if we study then you can get good numbers.

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In this way his life changed, after Rakesh never met him and his school changed too. Rakesh had learned a lot from Megha about what he should do in life and what to think about and accordingly was going on, Love was not seen, love stories to read, If you liked this story you can share it.

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