Sadness in love best love stories to read

Sadness in love best love stories to read

Sadness in love best love stories to read, Love can happen at any time, it does not see anything. Something similar happened with Sanjeev Sanjeev came to college for the first time. He did not know anyone there for him, all the people were new to him, his first day was very difficult because he did not recognize anyone,

Sadness in love,  best love stories to read

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Sadness in love best love stories to read

Sanjeev was a very good boy, but he had never loved anyone. When he fell in love, he had understood that there was nothing more than love. He used to come to his college every day, Sanjeev used to take very little holidays, he thought that as much as we could read As much as it is for us less.

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So we should read more than Sanjeev loved Renu every day and used to think about it. Sanjeev was very good at studying but he slowly started to like Renu and thought this every day How to talk to him was a friend of Sanjeev Suresh, he used to sit with him. Suresh was almost like Sanjeev, the age of both was the same. Sanjeev spoke his words to Suresh S that he is very fond of the Renu.

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But Suresh said that we should pay attention to studies if we pay attention to these things, then we will not be able to move forward but Sanjeev wanted to move forward now. Sanjeev was thinking that he should talk to him in some way and he would talk about Suresh But he was planning to talk to Renu after not paying attention and one day tried to move forward to talk to Renu in Sanjeev but Renu did not like to talk to him. Because he did not know who Sanjeev was because Sanjeev had come to that city for the first time and in that college he was new as before but slowly after repeated efforts, Sanjeev finally started talking to Renu and Renu Sanjeev gradually came to be liked, both of them started talking, and, away from all the difficulties, Sanjeev started talking to Renu outside the college and started walking around

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A friend of Sanjeev got to know about this and he started saying that you should not do this because if you do this and nobody takes it then it is not a good thing but Sanjeev was not ready to obey her. But the time passed and gradually the time passed and the exam came, after all the people started preparing for exams and when the exams were completed, Renu had to go there because he The father in whose company was working, had to leave in another company due to which Sanju Ho Renu got separated and Sanjeev still remembers this day that the days were very good when we used to talk with Sanjeev His love was not much, but he remembered the day he could not forget at all

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When Sanjeev told this to his friend Suresh, his friend said that I had said beforehand that you should not do that but you were not accepting that now he has gone, so now you do not need to think now anything It can not be that Suresh had explained to Sanjeev that you should not have done this. You should not have moved this love forward, when you had passed it, it was too late. I was not ready to listen anymore, now she has gone, so why do you think about this now? Suresh had explained to Sanjeev a lot that you should not have loved Renu but after a few moments of happiness from his life by loving Renu Those who could have been with you have also gradually reduced. Now you are mostly sad, she will not come back.

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Because he has left the city and now you have to put your mind on reading and I know that it is very difficult but you have to do it, otherwise you will gradually break away from inside, listening to Sanjeev Suresh slowly He knew that Suresh had stopped him many times but Sanjeev was not ready to hear which is why he has to suffer this today. Sanjeev told Suresh that I like my mind Look sad. Let me tell you such a remedy so that I can solve this problem. Suresh said that gradually you will have to forget those memories which you have created together, because they will keep walking with you. So you will be sad in life. You have to remove this sadness too. You have to put your mind in your work.

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Sanjeev was listening to Suresh but it was not easy. He knew that if he wanted to forget, he could not have forgotten it soon. Now what can he do now, he can only regret, Suresh said that you have more time to study Only then you can do something, the time will pass away gradually and you will forget those memories gradually, in this time it is a huge hand.

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It is easy to love but when this love breaks up, it hurts so much so that you should think about it many times before love because it leads to depression and takes you, Sadness in love best love stories to read, If you liked this story you can also share it.

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