Best short love story of village may 2019

Best short love story of village may 2019

Best short love story of village may 2019, Love is great In a village two loved ones lived, they used to love each other very much and both of them had a lot of faith in love. They knew that our love is the highest.

Best short love story of village may 2019

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Best short love story of village may 2019

He always used to speak of love, he believed that his marriage would be fast, so he did not worry about anything, but such things were not considered good in the village, hence love was considered wrong there. Both of them did not matter what their family thought but they believed that if we love each other then we are always successful in life. They are they used to meet every day, they knew that we could not live without meeting each other. They were very good and honest people. Someone was unhappy to see them, they did not like them at all, if we talk It was the same both of them understood each other well, the family of both of them lived face to face, both of them were in front of the house, perhaps it was also a reason that they knew each other very well


They knew that their love was great, they loved each other very much, they had gone far enough to talk for 1 day, forgot about the fact that the village had reached a very far distance only when the weather was bad and They had to stay somewhere, they knew that if they stay out for a long time then this news could be at home and they might even be punished for this, but the girl said that it is not about us. boys also does not know, so I do not think there can be such a thing, then the boy started saying that I know that this kind of thing can not happen but something can not be said that the rain was getting very fast, the girl was saying It was that we should go home now because the night is also going to happen and if we stay outside like this then nobody can suspect us that the boy said you are right


They both started going to their house in the rain. They knew that if anyone saw it then trouble would have happened and that is how the village boy was going from there. He has seen where both are going, It was suspected that both of these would always be met and I have seen it today, it means that they will love each other, I have to give the news of this matter in the village because if it happens, then it It would not be that the boy had told everyone in the village that both of them meet outside. I have seen these two meet, some villages went to each other’s house and said that they should not do this boy boy saw everything He is saying that they meet each other while it is not a good thing. If it does not run in the village then you have to go from the village.


The boy’s family said that if you meet the girl then she said that yes, we both love each other and want to get married, then the boy said that you should not have done such a thing, we will become infamous like this. All the people in this village have come to know about this. It is not a good thing, but the girl’s house also was asking about this and they also said that you should not have done that. Ha that we can both love each other so we do not it’s good to be said family members to give only girl with all the people are talking about me our daughter did not like it so


The boys said that if things go up, it is not good, so we should get married both of us as the trouble faced by us can stay away from us, the girl also had accepted this thing and both were married The girl told the boy that I did not think that this may be the result of our love in this way. It seemed to me that maybe there will be some problems in front of us because of which To have but did not


Our problem did not come in front of us, but that girl helped us so much that we did not tell the villagers, then we were thinking that how we keep this thing, the boy said that whatever happened was good. Sometimes it seems that whatever happens happens for good. In this way the love of both of them was increased very much between each other and both of them got married, sometimes it happens in life that we get the same results. Areas in which we think, but sometimes it does not.

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