Waiting for love stories june 2019

Waiting for love stories june 2019

Waiting for love stories june 2019, He had become very dark in his life. Now he used to think that maybe he will not come back because he had gone from here, he did not say anything,

Waiting for love stories june 2019

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Waiting for love stories june 2019

it seemed to him that he probably would not love me but Seeing him coming back once again, thinking about why he came back, there was a lot of change in life, now even after thinking about it, a lot of time had passed. Now probably does not even remember her today when she saw her back then ran again still the same idea in his mind that he had forgotten all


He wanted to talk but now he was not getting the time to see him coming back. There were so many questions in his mind. He wanted to get answers to all those questions, while he had forgotten all these things during the time but when he saw it back Again, the same question started coming to her mind, now it seemed that there was a big change in her life, she was sitting quietly after thinking about all these things, and with her out of the front, her father accompanied him. He knew that it is not right to talk now, so he began to wait for the right time and felt that when he got the chance, he would say his thing, he could not take the time to talk. That time he could talk to him because he has just arrived

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He had just arrived 2 days but still he did not talk because he was not getting the chance but when he saw that there was no one in his house, he went to talk to him and got to meet the girl. That you came back after a long time, the answer to my question is still on the same day. You have not given me any answers till date, when I asked you this question at that time when I asked whether you want to marry me or not So you did not answer anymore and after some time you went from here and today it has been returned after so long. Now you do not feel that I should get my answer but you did not answer any

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To this day I kept thinking about this fact that I do not know why you did not answer me. I always kept thinking that maybe you do not like me, so you did not answer and you went from here and now you have been here after so long I have come back and my question is still the same but today you have to answer that she was still silent she had not given any answers, maybe she had no answer to this matter but she Was seeking the answer

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She just felt that it does not want to talk to me, what happened that I can not understand. After some time the girl said that now I have got married, we do not want to talk about this now. There is no time for which you are thinking about the time has passed a long time when we went from here my father had fixed my marriage, I did not even know this thing, I thought it was possible that father should not have me Taking into and then I’ll give it back will come when you answer

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But it was not that when we reached that place, then Father told me that after some days your marriage and marriage will return from here only but after getting married, I could not return and when I got a chance, now I have my father I came here with my father in the village and told no one without informing me and I did not even know about it. I know that the time has passed. And now she can not return the time for which you are waiting

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I also think that perhaps Daddy knew about this but I did not know about this because he had fixed my marriage, that could be the reason, when he had never asked me, but I feel like this now Nothing can happen. You have to leave this wait. The boy got his reply now. Now he could not ask anything more than this and he went away without asking any questions. Lured are standing in the place to turn if you get no response and has can not do anything for themselves that has already been done and has to be no change to change as you yourself above

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We are very happy but there is no money in life as we think and when it does not happen then we should change ourselves. Maybe after changing, your life starts to run well, so you should not pay much attention to that thing. Waiting for love stories june 2019,If you think this is the right thing,

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