Love should be strong true love story 2019

Love should be strong true love story 2019

Love should be strong true love story 2019, Harish loved a girl, she thought that girl loves her a lot but Harish saw one day talking to another boy talking to Sonu. Harish could not understand why Sonu is talking to the boy since Harish has seen it since then I was looking for Sonu to talk to him.

Love should be strong true love story 2019

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Love should be strong true love story 2019

Harish’s mind was restless, he did not make any decision Harun was worried by thinking Harish was not able to meet Sonu on that day as he was getting access to Sonu till he did not ask for it. Harish did not get out of his house, he thought that till Sonu could not know it till then I would not understand, while Harish loved Sonu a lot, Harish knew that Sonu loves him too much. But what was he doing with that guy


This idea was going on in Harish’s mind the next day Harish had just been prepared in the morning and morning because Sonu was about to meet, only when he was leaving his house, saw Sonu again with that boy This time Sonu did not stay at all and they were going after them. After a while, Harish had disappeared from the front of his eyes. Harish could not understand what way he went by because he was watching them Received but for some reason he was stopped for a while because he had both moved away


Harish was very upset because he had seen that boy. He did not know that boy at all. He had never seen that boy before, so he was waiting too long to talk to Sonu but still not found Harish while Harish was waiting Today Harish was very upset. It was evening. He was coming back home because Sonu did not find him anywhere


Harish wanted to know about this boy but wanted to know about this boy but due to not meeting Sonu, Harish was very angry today. The second thing was that why Sonu did not meet today while he is waiting for Sonu Was waiting for Harish and was quite tired and started to get angry too. Now he was going to meet Sonu, thinking the same thing about him. Next time Harish was watching Sonu. He will come out of the house then he will definitely talk he will definitely ask about that boy


When Harish went to Sonu, Sonu was going somewhere, Harish immediately followed, Harish went to a distance and stopped Sonu, Sonu asked, what are you doing here, Harish said that I have been from 2 days I have been waiting for you for two days and I am feeling very nervous. Sonu said that what was the matter that you needed so much to meet me, whereas you know that we are Haf Two or three times in Soon you know the reason why we see very little


Even though you came here, Harish said that you do not understand anything. My point is still not complete. I have to know something. Sonu said that from here, if you see someone here, a lot of talk will go So, let’s talk to you again Sonu and Harish came forward quite a long way, then Harish asked who was the boy who has been watching with you for two days. Sonu said that about this there is no need to talk anything. Do not pay attention to that but Harish had understood that why Sonu is not ready to tell, maybe that boy has liked it, that’s why he is not telling me anything.


Harish began to say that when I have to know about him then you should tell me that you do not have to stop talking. Sonu said that you do not understand anything. I can not walk with such a boy, You should be aware but you are very doubtful which is not a good thing. I know that your suspicion has increased a lot, if you want to know who that boy is So, I tell you, but your suspicion is not good. Harish said, okay first tell who he is, I have to know the whole thing about him because I have been looking for him for two days before that I have never seen him. I do not even need to see that he is my boy’s boy who came to meet me. We used to play together in childhood. He came back after two years and now you can understand that I Student Why was around this point after hearing Harish was not ready at all to speak because he no longer had any reason to talk


Perhaps he had made a mistake, went away without saying anything, while Sonu also knew why Harish went away because he had suspected him unnecessarily, which was not a good thing, if you also love true to anyone Should never doubt.


Second true love story 2019

She had come to meet you but you did not give any answer. Why did you do that she was waiting for you, she thought she would talk to her. But you did not say anything in that your friend is you can tell me everything from me. What’s the matter you are doing so why you love him so much. What happened, what happened, tell me something. He was still silent. What is the matter, he started to say that I should now retreat from this, listening to the talk of retreat, the friend was unable to understand anything. He asked what happened, tell me the whole thing before then He started to say that everything was going well but I would not believe it would be something like this. Now we cannot even understand this thing that his friend could not even understand anything. What had happened he started to say that it was a few days ago that I had to bring some stuff in the market.


I did not know at all that Rinku had come to the market and was saying to him and saying that I have to take some stuff today. First, take the baggage after that, both of us go together at home but Rinku said that he cannot stop now, he has some work at home so he will have to go fast, he went by saying this thing. I was also feeling that he would have some work to go to pick up the stuff. I had taken my bag but what is this Th Rinku’s father was standing in front of me. I was feeling very scared because he had come out completely, he was asking what my name is, what I did in my life, I even told that I am studying in the present day After asking my college, he started thinking a little bit, I was feeling that he now understood that Rinku also studied in the same college, he asked what he was doing here because he talked to Rinku When he saw it, he began to say that when Rinku told the people that we read together


After that he had not said anything and went away, the friend said that there was no talk in it, then why are you thinking too much, you do not have to tell the whole thing now. This is what happened so that our problem began. His friend had not understood anything what happened, he had started to tell again what happened since that Rinku’s father had started looking after me, I had no news about this matter. I used to meet Rinku every day I did not know that his father is keeping an eye on me. It seems that he had seen me. Now it was decided that he would come face to face, after a few days he had come suddenly. He came and said that I have seen you every day. You met Rinku before, but I had refused it. But when he said that said in the said, then it was not right to refuse.


He asked, “Since when are you together and what is going on in your mind, listening to their words did not have the courage to say anything, it seemed that it would have been better if you walked from here, but it seemed that Nothing good will happen today, because his next question was whether you have understood now or not, or if you do something like that, you should understand, after listening to his words, he understood that if he got Rinku again It will not be good, I do not understand anything now. When Rinku came, I did not say anything. The friend said that it is not a good thing. You should have said something to him. He also knew what happened. He will never know anything at all. It did not do well. You have to talk to Rinku only then something can happen. He said that nothing will happen to all these things because our love cannot move forward now. The day had come that his friend had met Rinku and told him the whole thing that when he came to know of Rinku he was very sad because father should not have said this but what could have been done, he could also tell me But she did not say anything, she did not say it well, she was not even speaking. Until now I cannot know what to do in it, after that she goes to meet her and says that you are very scared Ho when this happened then you should have thought


But you did not say anything, it seems that you do not love, but you are very scared when they come to know you were scared, no one loves such a person that when there is a bad time, you left it. He was listening to everything but he knew that this love could not move forward, he understood that his love was the same. Love should be strong true love story 2019, If you liked this story then share it.

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