When college will close short love story 2019

When college will close short love story 2019

When college will close short love story 2019, After a few days college will close down. Everyone knew that this was the time when we met but when the college was closed, how would we get it? Due to this, dignity became very disturbed.

When college will close short love story

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When college will close short love story 2019

It will be very difficult to get out of the house. Rohit comes and says how the exams have gone, then only Rohit wants to tell from dignity but perhaps dignity was in some thought. He was thinking something else, Rohit’s meditation was saying and he was It was repeatedly asking, when dignity was thinking, then dignity says that after some days the college will be closed and we are not getting any problem now, I am getting very disturbed by this thinking, Rohit says do not need to be, we have no way to remove but dignity come off now college. why you would do something like that we will always have to do something you do not want anything more,


Hearing this, Rohit says that how can it be that we can not do anything like this, you know, nothing can be said so soon, can not do anything in this. Due to this, Garima said how long It will do. You do not understand, you will have to tell us about it. If you talk to your house then it will be good if something can happen, or how long will we meet like this, but Rohit could not do anything with him. There was no work from which he could not feel any trouble talking about it, he explained to dignity that only when we will get a result, we can do something


Garima said that it is okay but after that, something needs to be done after that, Rohit and dignity went home after talking. They knew that we had to do something soon. Rohit was also thinking that Rohit had come home. After some time he had called the dignity and said that you will not be disturbed. We will do something soon after that, the dignity has said that Rohit puts the phone right next day Rohit is thinking of talking to the house .


When Rohit’s uncle comes, he says that when Rohit’s result comes, sending him to me is a work for him. I have talked to him in a company after which he will get work, he will not need to worry. Rohit is happy because he is good now, he will get the job. Rohit seemed to be working for some time later, he calls the dignity next day and now he knows that Rohit now will soon succeed


Dignity meets Rohit a few days later and says that whenever you get the job, you must definitely tell at home, because it is very necessary if we will not be late if it comes, you come, Rohit knows that the dignity is right After a few days, the result also comes. Both of them are approaching the dignity calls to Rohit, but Rohit does not take the phone, dignity does this for a long time, but still no one responds.


Dignity feels that he may be busy in some work but no further answer does not come in the next day. It does not understand what Rohit is saying and what he is doing is not giving any answer. It does not understand what is dignity It leaves a message that it is written that whenever you get the time to speak, then talk about it but for some days no answer comes. Now the phone also gets locked. What is going on, dignity does not know anything but dignity A I did not understand that he could not go home


Since no house was ever gone, both of them knew this thing that no one would come home, but there is no way even sight. Dignity waits at the place where they always met but Rohit The phone did not even do so. It was not known what was going on. After a while, Rohit came in front of him and seeing the dignity pleased him because he had come two months since that time.


Two months later you have come to know what is going on. I did not understand anything. You did not even call it; After some time the phone was also closed, with whom did you talk, who does not understand anything He was still silent. Seeing her quiet, Garima was feeling something strange. She asked what was the matter, Rohit said that I have got married, listening to this did not believe in dignity because there was no such thing,


Rohit said that when I talked at home, all were upset about this, after that the relationship was fixed the next day and I was not allowed to go anywhere, even after taking my phone, the dignity went back. No one else talks about that after that nobody had ever talked about the story of some love is not fulfilled, they thought that they would fulfill the story of their love but it did not happen. When college will close short love story 2019, If you liked this story then share it. 

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