Fell in love short love story june 2019

Fell in love short love story june 2019

Fell in love short love story june 2019, This thing is of the time when both used to study together and gradually they had spent a lot of time together in a short time, they used to love each other very much.

Fell in love short love story june 2019

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Fell in love short love story june 2019

They wanted that they should get married but at home nobody was ready to tell, both of them were afraid that if it was known in the house, then what would happen if Manoj realized that Rupa was able to talk in his house earlier but Rupa felt it was Le Manoj Tell this thing in your house, Both of them had quarrels over this matter because nobody was ready to tell that both of them had completed their studies. Manoj used to work in a company and would go out every morning and get it in the evening and talk. Manoj had said so many times that you can work in my company, if you talk about it at home then you can work with me, it will always be with us, but the rupa Said that my family does not believe that they do not like at all that I should go somewhere

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That’s why I cannot work in the company but Rupa says that your job has also been done. You are also working but you cannot talk at home at all. I cannot say for this in my house, soon Marriage should be done, if it is not married, it can be done that my house should marry somewhere else and this will never know the way Manoj also felt that the expression is correct And if we have made a lot of delay, then it can also happen that our house should get married separately and we cannot tell it to them anymore.


Therefore, after saying Rupa, Manoj had decided that I would tell this in my house that day was the day of sunday Manoj was sitting at home, he knew that he had to talk today and find out this After this the house will not know at all what it will say but talk about it. If it does not matter then there may be a lot of delay. Manoj told his mother about it that I love a girl if you we can be married mother said right before I live where the girl that would like to know is Manoj was told everything about the girl and her mother also had no problem

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He started saying that I will talk about this later. I would like to meet the girl first, so Manoj called Rupa to a place and went to meet the mother when Manoj’s mother met Rupa and she liked it. And she started saying that okay I talk to your father about this. If she believes, then we will marry this. Both of them were happy to hear this and Manoj’s mother had gone home. While some were doing some work, Manoj’s mother told everything


When father heard this, he said that it is okay if you like girl you can talk about it. Manoj was also standing far away listening to it when he listened to it and he liked it and immediately told it to Rupa After hearing this, Rupa talked to her mother about this because her family members have said that she will come to your house in the next day, because the matter has reached that Manoj’s family members have come to believe and He could talk about it

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He has told his mother that Manoj’s name is coming to see me. Both of us used to read together. They know each other for many years. Rupa’s mother said that if she is coming then we will talk to her. And if everything is fine then it will get married. You do not have to worry. It was very happy to hear that, because his talk was accepted. Manoj had reached home with his parents and the next day They were waiting because they were told that they were going to come, all the people were talking and thus the talks of both of them seemed to be right that this relationship would be formed and after some time the relationship was confirmed they did not feel It was that their marriage would be so easily and there would be no problem in them

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But he knew this thing that if we were to tell it before, it would have been very good but we would tell it after a long time. The result was very good, both of them were married and a love that was progressing slowly was successful. Some love became successful, some love also fails, but it is the same thing that in the beginning both of them do not know anything, they only feel that they can never fail. By the time they are not entirely successful. Fell in love short love story june 2019, If you liked this story then you can share it even further.

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