Trouble of love short love story june 2019

Trouble of love short love story june 2019

Trouble of love short love story june 2019, When you came to love, you did not have any knowledge about the difficulties but gradually all those difficulties were coming to him and he was trying hard to overcome their problems. Rakesh felt that if he If the problem does not go away then my life can be very bad.

Trouble of love short love story june 2019

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Trouble of love short love story june 2019

I was moving forward thinking about my life, but I did not know that the problem would be standing in front of me. The girl who loved her used to live in front of her house. Rakesh used to watch her everyday and in the meantime both had become in love. Rakesh felt that she could marry him.


That is why he used to see similar dreams in which he has got married but it is easy to dream. It was not easy to have anything like this in reality. Rakesh loved the girl, Rita was the name of Rita, she liked Rakesh but she Never talk in front of him, he used to go away from home to talk because if he could talk there, he could have been seeing his family and seeing that She would have doubted Rakesh called Rita to talk Rita had reached and both were talking Rakesh told Rita that my house is going to talk about my marriage and I have repeatedly refused But I do not think that people will do this in such a way that we will have to do something soon if I do not do anything from the time, then my marriage can also happen. Rita said that it is not my problem in this problem. You have to refuse to stay at home so that you cannot talk about your marriage, and if it happens, then both of you will have trouble, hence you have to solve this problem yourself.

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Rakesh could not understand anything because his house was pressuring him for marriage so that he was disturbed he had repeatedly refused, but did not want to tell at all about it Rita loves the girl in front of her. After sometime she had come to her house to pick up some stuff, maybe she needed something Rakesh was right there but she could not say anything, seeing Rita She said that Rakesh is sitting alone but nothing is speaking. It means the trouble has increased so much that Rita goes back home with the same and Rakesh’s mother comes and says that Rita is a very good girl and such a girl is our home.

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Who can take care of everyone and work a lot, if we get such a girl then we will make your wedding soon. Rakesh has not said anything so far. There were so many questions going on in his mind which were finding difficult answers. Rakesh’s mother was working in the kitchen. Rakesh comes to his mother and tries to talk. Mata asked that what you want to talk about, Rakesh says that I am in front Want to tell you something about the education I have, because Rita is named after hearing seems to pay attention to that Rakesh’s mother, she wants to talk about it

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She does not understand anything and then the mother asks further what you want to tell about Rita. Tell me quickly. Rakesh told that Rita and we both like each other and we both want to get married but you Behind the marriage, which I do not like, Rita loves me if you get married with Rita, I would love to hear this, Mother said that you do not have to Should it matter if your father went out to touch too much pain they feel that you should not have done it

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I tell you that you still get better and stop talking about this. When Rakesh heard this, he was scared too much because he felt that now nothing can happen, I can only talk I cannot do anything more than he goes to his room Dad comes in the evening and the mother tells him everything after that Dad starts to feel very angry and says to Rakesh If everything has started since then, you have to tell me that if the matter has gone too much then it may have to face the problem. Rakesh said that we have seen and loved each other for a long time and more than us nothing has happened, Then the father said, okay, you will not talk further about this. I will marry you. Rakesh was very upset. He was ready to meet Rita and the next day, both met and talked about this one to my father It has come to know about it and now she does not want to take any decision on this matter that my marriage will be done soon. Rita knew everything, and then she understood that nothing can happen now. Area since then went away and dependence has never talked to him.

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After a few days, Rakesh was married and now the talks between the two were closed. Rakesh knew that his love had not been successful. He was unable to do anything about it. He definitely thought that he would get married but his there was no marriage, there was a time in life that does not happen when the person wants,

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