Paths of love english love story 2019

Paths of love english love story 2019

Paths of love english love story 2019, Whenever he used to come from his office, he reached his house on foot, for some distance he was not married. But it used to think that if I found a good girl, it would be very good, mostly, it used to go to her office only because the work was too much due to her coming in the evening,

Paths of love english love story 2019

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Paths of love english love story 2019

even after she took her files He used to sit down, he had a lot of work, so that he could not pay attention to other things, his parents used to say that you should get married early but that this time No one was able to think that there was a day on Sunday. All the people were sitting in the house; their parents were saying that you have to get married early because you will have a lot of time if you keep focusing only on your work, the other Your attention will never go away

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If you pay attention to other things along with work, it will be very good that his mother says that you also see your work all the time while outside of it is a new world which has not yet come to understand. The boy was listening to his parents but he was not interested in those things, he only cared for his work. It was Monday’s day that he was getting ready for his office and he was not late at all. Not wanted

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Because he believed that if we did all the work on time, it would be great that he used to reach a bus in his office and in the evening he came to his house from the second bus, sometimes a girl who used to sit with him maybe he He also used to work anywhere, but he never talked to her. The girl also knew that she used to meet him sometimes; both of them were not married but never had talked with each other

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The night was over and the weather was getting worse, it seemed as if the storm was coming in some time and as it seemed the storm had already happened, there was a lot of rain along with it, both of them were standing there. They were waiting for, but due to the rains, they were very far away, the conversations started slowly in both of them, and the boy said that I leave you when the girl went to walk on foot and found out that she The colony lives in the colony where the boy lives, he did not know at all

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After that the boy said that you live here, I live in the same street in the last street, so that the girl had come to know that she also lived on this, after which she used to go out together for both offices And the house used to come back together as well. Conversations started slowly in both of them and on the day the holiday was being used, they used to mix it on that day, then she had come to know that the girl has not even got married and that she Tremor A few days after works minister nor the boy told the girl that if you do not want to marry me talking about this

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The girl started to say that it is okay if you want right then you can come to our house and talk to the girl boy tell this thing at your house, her parents reached the girl’s house and the conversation started. There was no objection in the way both the families knew each other and the date of marriage was also fixed. After a few days both of them got married and thus their life started running very well

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They both still do the job and come back together as well. The boy was not even convinced for some time that love can go away, he has fallen in love. He married the same girl whom he had loved, his life It is going to be very good now and still live the same way and spend our lives very well, even though they did not know anyone a while ago when they got to know each other then it became a matter of fact that now Is set to be not very gets married to two people happens in the story of love is sometimes forced to leave each other that it is also an opportunity, but some people are able, True love can always reach the destination, but some love is such that those who do not reach their destination can be obstructed, but love will always be in life. All people will continue to love, if you love, it is always true Hold on with your mind because true love can last longer. It is not necessary in life that love should be given instead of love

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It may also be that if you do not love the love in front, then you should not need to be sad. You should always make the right decisions in life so that life is not affected you should take all the decisions very comfortably, Paths of love english love story 2019, If you like this story tell us this by sharing it further.

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