Suddenly fell in love with her cute love story

Suddenly fell in love with her cute love story

Suddenly fell in love with her cute love story, But she was not ready to listen to her. The boy came to Kanak and started saying that I love you. Kanak said that it is not a good thing. You always tell me the same thing which I do not like.

Suddenly fell in love with her cute love story

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Suddenly fell in love with her cute love story

The boy asks why you do not like it all. The girl says that I do not have to do any such thing, so that all the people will have trouble going forward, so I do not like this and by saying this The boy goes to his friend and says that I like Kanak very much but he is not ready to talk to me and whenever I try to talk

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So he refuses how long it will continue, his friend explained to him that you should not do any such thing which proves very wrong in the eyes of others and probably thinks this thing and therefore do not want to talk to you and It is my opinion that you should not even talk to the boy after listening to your friend, he gets annoyed because he was asking for advice from him while he was talking about being away from Kanak Is happening

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The boy goes to his house and thinks about how to talk to Kanak and he can listen to me. I do not understand what to say. Both Kanaka and the boy’s house are face to face both of them. Perhaps one of the reasons is that Kanak does not want to talk to him because his house is face to face and when both families are face-to-face then the problem can increase further, so far away from the debate. 

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1 day, Kanak was alone in his house, some of his family went to a marriage, Kanak could not go because his health was bad and it was night time and the boy knew that there is no one in the house of Kanak today. He was looking at something standing outside, thinking of going to Kanak’s house and seeing someone else as a thief, because he was going on the wall, the boy saw that it was a thief, it could be on Kanak The attack Give

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The boy also turned towards Kanak’s house and the thief did not know where he went, because the thief was not seen. The boy seemed to have gone inside the house that boy comes to the door and knocks Kanaka Opened the door and looked in front of the boy and started saying that you should not come at this time if you come to my house then there can be a lot of trouble, then the boy started saying that you should not worry about this thing. Losers thieves at home

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I have come here behind this and more than that I do not have any idea that the boy goes inside the house to find a thief but he does not get a thief. The thief will be in the upper room, only then the people of Kanak’s house also come and Ask Kanak why this door is open. What you are doing outside, Kanak tells that there is a thief inside and the boy in front is caught in the trap to catch that thief, everyone gets scared because the thief And doing all the people trying to catch up to go inside with a thief

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After some time the boy comes out with that thief, all the people see that thief and get scared because what a thief was doing in the house would not have been known, what could have happened, the boy is so brave that thief I came in and came out and removed our problem and in this way the thief had been caught. All the people were praising the boy and the Kanak was also looking at this and the boy goes to his house And do not say anything to anyone

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Kanak probably understood something but he had not said anything yet the next day when this boy was going to the market, Kanak started going backward, Kanak talked to the guy and said that I like you but I always fear that If I find out this thing, then trouble can happen, but when you saved my life today I loved it very much if you did not come on time then the thief could probably steal in our house. It attacked me. Could it be possible because of you, Then the boy said that how can I see that you are in any trouble, so I went inside your house. In this way the boy and the Kanak began to meet slowly and the things started and when they fell in love Both did not know at all. Now both could not live without talking. Both of them used to meet everyday and used to talk a lot and they were feeling very good because the boy loved him. Now gradually the girl had begun to like him.

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There can be changes in life anytime, it depends on our thinking, what we think and what we do about it, life can change ever, which we do not even think, Suddenly fell in love with her cute love story, sometimes it also happens.

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