Love always lives english love story 2019

Love always lives english love story 2019

Love always lives english love story 2019, Every time he used to come playing, he used to see him everyday, seeing that seeing him, he fell in love with that girl, playing with his friends every evening, used to play in the evening. When that girl saw her in the park, she had turned on her every day, she spent many days watching her. It was a lot of days passed,

Love always lives english love story 2019

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Love always lives english love story 2019

one day when she was going to play, she thought and she saw the girl and went to the park and sat down He did not know because he did not know, but he was also trying to talk to her and goes to the girl and tries to talk but the girl does not talk and goes out of the park because she Do not know a child think that he spoke to me why you do not want.

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The next day even when the boy went to the park quietly sat down and the girl was roaming around, but still I was not talking to him because he knew that whenever he talked he will go from that place, so sitting quietly was an hour After sitting, he went from there but the next day the boy thought that when I went to the park I would not have any benefit from it, I have to know that where this girl lives

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From where I could get it, she did not go to the park and stayed outside when the girl got out of the park and started going home, she was slowly following her and wanted to know what her house was after that boy, The house was discovered that he had come back to his house for 2 days that boy could not go to the park because his health had worsened and he had a lot of fever. The boy was thinking that if I had no fever I must go and get him, even though I can not talk but can see him

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This is very good for me because I have fallen in love with her slowly after 2 days when the boy went to the park, the girl was roaming on the same time this time the boy did not talk about anything and the girl came to him and said that you Why did not you come from 2 days? The boy told me that my health had worsened. That’s why I could not come because this girl was saying that you had come back to the house behind me that day and I saw you Or was I felt at home came when he said the boy that I was not sure if you know but you know how it

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The girl said that I had seen you because of this, I know that you came back to the house behind me, the girl said that when your health was bad even then you did not come here, the boy started saying that when the health was bad How could I come, the girl said that I was waiting for you for 2 days that you will come here and sit now. Now I feel like you have started using your habit, that you come and sit quietly, do not say anything Dke was understood that the girl fell in love

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Both used to sit at the same place every day and used to speak for hours, they used to go round together, both had a very good friendship and they had been talking for months and they began to like each other. After that he used to roam along and became a very good friend, because of which he used to talk outside, it was very good to talk about walking around with each other and he used to visit every evening and now He did not play

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He was spending time hanging out with the girl. His friends used to ask that now you do not come to play. The boy used to say that I do not like sports. That is why I was not able to get the time, the friendship of both of them was deeper. They both were going and they both had become very good friends and could not live without talking. Therefore, the boy’s friend had seen him and with a girl. It was understood that play comes but we do not play and talk to the girl

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The next day he met his friend and started saying that I came to know that you come excited to play but if you do not play then talk to that girl and your friendship has happened to him. The boy said that you understood that we are quite Have been good friends since the days and roamed together, his friend has understood that you should not do this, if someone sees, it will not be a good thing, the boy says that from me No matter what he’s my best friend and I love to hang out with him and it went from there, saying

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The friendship of both of them was going very well both of them used to meet together every time, and the time was passing and the time had passed for a long time. It was completed 1 year, both of them were thinking about marriage. What could not have happened when both were talking about marriage, they knew that it can not happen because we can not get married, we are not old enough to get married, But both of them liked walking together and it was very good to talk and their life was going on in this way,

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