Sad love story in english june 2019

Sad love story in english june 2019

Sad love story in english june 2019, Ramesh’s love was growing gradually, but he always feared that his love would not be lost, so he used to worry very much for his love. Sometimes Ramesh felt that this one-sided love.

Sad love story in english june 2019

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Sad love story in english june 2019

I do not know whether she loves me or does not love Ramesh’s feeling that whatever the outcome, but I will continue to love him, so she wanted to know that she loved him she is also, Ramesh’s house was very far from his house. Ramesh had to come and go to his house on foot, but Ramesh could meet him whenever he used to go to the market. Ramesh felt that I would talk to him today. I have to do it and I will have to spend a lot of time for this, so Ramesh had reached that place in the morning at the place where she lived whenever Ramesh would try to talk about that girl’s name was biography. Esha did a very good job but life know maybe it’s not that Ramesh started liking him now

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It was evening and the biography had to go to pick up some stuff, so it was going through the same way that Ramesh was waiting for the place. Ramesh saw that this biography has come, now Ramesh felt that if I had more Late that I would never know whether he liked me or not when the biography came to Ramesh, he saw Ramesh and walked towards the front Ramesh saw something strange, Ramesh slowly p Area began and he saw a chance to speak was probably already figured out the biography that Ramesh is coming after him

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Because Ramesh saw him coming back, the biography was moving ahead, he did not stop at all, but Ramesh did not have the courage, so Ramesh stopped at the same place and Ramesh was thinking about how he came out of his life. Do not understand something Ramesh stopped. It seemed that when the biography came back, I would definitely talk and almost an hour had passed and Ramesh was sitting on the same

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After that, when the biography was coming, there was some stuff in his hand that he had gone to pick up the stuff, and as soon as the biography went from him he stopped it and the biography asked what was the work of Ramesh saying that I like you and marry Biography refused to say that biography has said that now all these things are of no avail. You have made a lot of delay now Ramesh came to understand that he liked it but it took a lot of time In view biography Ramesh took approximately 2 years

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In these two years, Ramesh did not talk to biography at all times, and the biography that only he saw was understandable that Ramesh sees him but does not talk to him at all. Biography said that now all these things are of no avail and If you push these things forward then its consequences can be very bad. You can understand this very well when you have to say until you have said it at all and it is too late Ramesh said B What is it that made me quite a while

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I tried a lot but never got it and when I got courage when I got courage today, I told you that biography said that now all these things are of no avail because my marriage has been fixed Ramesh’s mind was completely broken Now he He was not able to reach any conclusion. Now he felt that everything seems to have ended. After listening to this, Ramesh went back to his house. He talked about him and anything about him The biography of not forward also went back home with his baggage and Ramesh felt that it was probably his fault

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I didn’t even tell him that this was so long, Ramesh felt that if I did not take much time it would have been better if I should have told him before, because today’s result was not tolerated by Ramesh’s mind Now it was not in any work that he had been disturbed and he used to think about him every time, sometimes in life, he comes on such occasions that when you think it is complete but sometimes Is that what you think he would never meet.

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That is why it is not necessary that when you make love, you get love, there are many difficulties in love, which are very difficult to face, anything in love can happen, you can get love or not, it is different Love does not happen in life, it can happen anytime and its results can be anything, Sad love story in english june 2019, If you like this story, share it further and tell us also by commenting.

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