Did not know love, latest love story 2019

latest love story 2019

Did not know love, latest love story 2019, Naresh  felt that he might not know, because he had never talked, he was not getting the chance to talk, while he lived only a few distances, whenever he used to take some stuff He used to go to the excuse of stuff but he had never talked about it,

Did not know love : latest love story 2019

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Did not know love, latest love story 2019

he was afraid that even if he did not like his behavior, then what would happen, he could not talk to him. It was almost two months since it was done, when it was started when he first came to the front house, He had come here from another city, perhaps his father was transferred, from which he had come to this city, when he came, the king did not know about this because he had gone to his college, when he came back and saw that someone has come in front of the house, but he did not pay attention when it happened in the morning, he came to know that a family has come in front of which there is a girl and her younger brother, together with both parents Since then Reich was revealed,

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For a few days he used to see that girl but did not talk to him, the king did not even know when he had fallen in love, when he had realized this, he knew it but he did not know it Whether or not she likes this girl, because when she does not know, she was very upset about how she could talk further so she had gone to meet her friend,

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When he went to his friend, he said that I do not know anything at all but I see him every day but I do not know what he has in his mind because if he does not think anything about me then this is good It will not be because it will have trouble with me, tell me such a thing that I can come to know, his friend said that no matter how long he does not talk about it, you do not know, because when you Also what is happening is not talking to each other will know how long,

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The King said that my problem is increasing in this way, I do not know what he thinks about me, if he does not think anything, then I will not know anything until I know it The trouble will continue, his friend said that you feel that he feels that he does not want anything, he does not have any meaning from anything, then you will be able to do it, you have thought that, because you thought of all this from your side is not asked to him.

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As long as you do not talk, you will not know, so first thing to talk about will be better, because if something happens further, then you will be very sad, so it is good to talk clearly, If you do this then it will be very good, you will also know. The problem will also be reduced, listening to the words of his friend, he was feeling good because he was troubled for a lot of time, once things are done then everything will be known, so he was looking at the place to talk,

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When he saw that he was going out of the front door, the king also started following him, because he wanted to know everything, when the girl saw that the king was making a sound, then he started moving very fast But he wanted to talk to him why he was running that he did not know that day he was not able to talk, but the next day the king was waiting for him whom he would come, he could talk to him as soon as he came Naresh Sector asked what you love me,

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The girl had refused and after that the king went away from there, then he had not gone to that side for a long time. The girl used to go to the place where when the king came to know that she did not love him Then he became very sad, two days later his friend came to the house to ask what he has answered when he came to meet and said that on that day you talked to him, because I do not know what Have happened,

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The King said that he has refused, I am very sad because he said that he is going to get married so that he will not do anything like this, so that someone can hurt, his friend said that when it came to know Do not think, now you have nothing to think about this, but the king said that I had fallen in love with him but all of them would not be benefited anymore, after that day the King had left thinking,

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But the point here is to pay attention when someone cannot understand you, it is useless to think more, you know all this, but do not think, so think good and do good in life, Did not know love, latest love story 2019, If you liked this story, then you must share it and tell us also by commenting.

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