My First Love greatest love story 2019

My First Love greatest love story 2019

My First Love greatest love story 2019, He used to see him every day, he used to see his dreams every day, he thought that he would marry him, because his heart used to say that he would surely marry him,

My First Love greatest love story 2019

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My First Love greatest love story 2019

one day he was sitting at home Only then did the girl whom she loved, came to that house, maybe she had some work, the boy’s mother came from inside and asked the girl what’s the matter, you came here, that girl said that my mother Have called you, maybe they some work, The boy’s mom was gone immediately, the boy was at home, when he reached home with the girl, he realized that his condition is bad today, and everyone has gone out if you see some of today’s work would be very good, The boy’s mother said that there is nothing wrong in it, if the health is bad then you will do some work in rest, if the neighbor does not work then who else will come, you rest today. You do not need to do anything girl Ki mam Mr. bring goods from the market,

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If you send your boy, it will be good, the boy’s mum said that he will send him in the right place. You should rest, after some time the boy came because as his mother sent him, he said that you have to come from some market. If you want, you can tell me that I will come with the goods from the market, after some time he went to pick up the stuff. He went alone, because he did not want to disturb anyone. He was too late in the field, after some time he had brought the baggage,

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After that he had gone home. He did not talk to the girl right now, when he reached home, the boy’s mother said that I know that all the people will not refuse to eat, so you will cook food from here and they will Do not say to call here, but they have to come to give me food, their health is not good and what the girl will do, so you have to take care of them, if you do it well then There will be good for you,

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But this boy did not understand anything, he did not even ask, after that the food had been created, the boy had gone away with the meal, after that the boy was doing all the work which he needed, like this night It had happened, now she was very tired, and when she went to sleep she was thinking that she would marry, because that boy loved her very much and wanted to marry, today she did all her work Very fast these were,

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Mummy did not understand the speed of the boy’s work, when it happened in the morning, the boy said that we had to arrange for his breakfast too, the boy’s mother said that it is okay you ask him or anything else to come It is not necessary, and by asking his health, the boy had gone quickly and when he reached home, mother was sleeping now, he asked the girl how is it now, the girl said that the night had slept very late, Maybe Security is to be fine today,

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The boy knew that the mom is sleeping now that the boy asked the girl if you will continue to talk like this. It is also quite a time for us to meet and all this is the same. Anyone can see it, it can be very bad, so some Late after meeting me on the terrace, the girl said that right now you will have to go from here, otherwise the mother will wake up, the boy goes but the girl heard this thing, the girl saw that the mother was awake Maybe they know that the girl goes to the room

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After a while the boy’s mummy comes over and asks that now there is some feeling, now the health is good, now there is rest too, I feel fine today, but one thing that you have to do, you probably do not know. . Today I had heard talking to my girl and your boy. They were saying that they have to meet on the terrace, I think that they both like each other, so soon you have to think, you are right. Sometimes I feel like this too, Today when all the people come, we talk about it, before they both have to live separately, if all are respected for this then we will marry both of us, if you do not have any objection, the girl’s Mummy said that I have no problem when it comes in the evening, then everybody comes and talk about it. After some time the matter is settled, everyone is finally considered, but the boy is still studying No Ui ago, when his studies to be completed will be married,

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Both of them are happy when they hear this, and what they think is the same, that is how it is said to be done very little, but whenever it happens, it feels great if you liked this story. My First Love greatest love story 2019, If so, please share it further.

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