Good short love story english june 2019

Good short love story english june 2019

Good short love story english june 2019, Sony used to stay in that place, there was a very good atmosphere, every day Soni used to go to college, read with her the King, Naresh loved Soni, but Sony did not know about this, Sony’s friend Ritu never doubted the King, because he had often noticed that Naresh was watching Soni,

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Good short love story english june 2019

One day Sony’s Saheli College did not come, at that time, Naresh was going to college after Soni, when Soni saw back, then at that time even Soni knew, now the king was a little scared, she was very scared It was because now the King was feeling, that Sony has come to know, Therefore, the King had reached college by the other road, today the King was a little nervous, the king had a storm in his mind, today he was feeling very scared, today the King soon came home from college, King came and thought that today could have been talked about, but even today the mind is very scared, no wonder when the king will say his thing,

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At that time, the King’s father asked to bring something similar, the king went to market to take something similar, when the monarch saw the position on Sony, that market was also to get something similar, this time also the king felt a little scared Soni came to the King and why you come every day behind us, The King was not completely convinced that he was talking to him, the king stood quietly at that time, he was not speaking anything, Sony again asked him why you are silent, not the answer Giving, Naresh told Soni that you love him, when Soni heard this, he was very happy, Soni said that even in that too, I have been waiting to hear this for so many days,


The king was very happy hearing this thing, he was not even sure, without saying something, the work will be done, the king was very happy today, because he could not think of all this, that would also happen Then the king said to the king, “How long will you sleep while you sleep?” When the king’s eyes were opened, it was a dream, the monarch stood back again, where he had to start again, the king thought that the dream.


Second Good short love story english june 2019

If you do not know what love is, then you will learn this story by reading this story, it is a long time ago, two boys used to live in a family, both were married, all the family members Together they lived together, both boys and their fathers used to go to work together,

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All three had a ration shop, the three went to their work every morning and returned home in the evening, they had so much love in their sister-in-law that the fight was hardly in that house, whenever someone came out When the man used to come, he used to praise his family, it was a day when the food was being cooked in the house in the morning, then at that time the food had become a little worse

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Because of the excessive heat, the vegetable had a little worse, when both the daughter-in-law saw that the food had worn out, they had no time left now that they could make another meal and they were also afraid that it was Where is bad and do not know when they come back in the evening, what would they say, where did they prepare and gave them to them?

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But both of them had forgotten to tell their husbands that today’s food is bad, when all three people went to their shops, started doing their work, when it happened in the afternoon, it was time to eat, all of them ate their own food and saw that Today’s food has been cooked a lot, it was coming in the minds of all three, I do not know what else would be thinking,

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Only then, when he ate, his father went to both sons and said no one would say to anyone on the evening of the evening, because food is done in a hurry, there is no mistake in them, if The mistake happens when it happens daily, but it has happened for the first time, so no one will say anything to them, if you speak something then it may be that the matter increases, We should keep peace in our house, you will say something, they may feel bad, they did not intentionally did this intentionally by mistake, both sons listened to their father and did the same when they came home every three evening. Then his wife was scared, he felt that he would be very good in today,

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But no one has said anything, and now both the daughter-in-law was away from a little trouble, all had done the evening meal and went to sleep, the wife was not getting the courage, asked her husband, nobody said anything and all It is good, friends are all in their hands, when we make small mistakes, they make it very big, which will lead to trouble later, so what are we doing for a little thought, this is true love, Programming is to own,

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